Stocks/ETF Requests

I like to keep my ‘Newcastle Stock Exchange’ on the stocks app on my phone even though I don’t have any shares in them, just to keep track of how the PLCs in my hometown are doing. Greggs, Go-Ahead, Sage, Bellway, Virgin Money, Grainger. So I’d also be another vote for Greggs.

Otherwise I’d like to see some less common ETFs away from the usual FTSE 100, S&P 500, Nikkei 225 ones. Things like INDA or any ETFs to track India would be big ones for me. Some people may even like ones like SHE, which invests in companies judged to be doing well on gender equality.


Loving the App so far, I am glad I invested. I am missing my us FAANG tech stocks any news on when they will be added. Need to double down on some investments. :slight_smile:

All FAANG stocks are currently in Freetrade’s universe. Just a matter of waiting until the US securities are available. @Freetrade_Team1 mentioned that it will be a matter of weeks.


I’m looking to spread risk for the long term so more interested in market tracking and dividend ETF’s, EXSH, VMID, VHYL, UDVD

Will the BGF FinTech Fund be added?

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Would like to get AMD on here

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Would be interested in Fevertree


After this mornings drop, I’d be interested in FlyBe.

Good luck.

ETA: I’ve suffered more cancellations / delays on FlyBe than any other carrier - their aircraft appear to be particularly susceptible to ‘mechanical issues’. Well deserving of the ‘FlyMaybe’ jibe …


Really wondering when Vanguard ETF’s from the google sheet marked as Day 1 is coming? Especially VUKE and VUSA?

How about 3d Systems (NYSE:DDD). I bought some after the bubble burst while it was crashing from $90 down to single figures, it’s been on a steady rise since then and is currently my star performer. I was over 30% up a couple of weeks ago, it’s pulled back a bit since but it’s still in an uptrend

other popular 3D co’s are StrataSys and VoxelJet

It would be great to get some insight into timelines for adding new stocks to the universe, AML was obviously added pretty sharpish so would be great to see that extended to other requests :grinning:

P.s. I’m waiting for JUST to be available


GLDM and BAR are gold ETFs.
VYM is a high dividend yield ETF.
Would be nice to see these

Agreed. And is there a way to be notified when new stocks are being added?

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Hi :wave:
Toby and I have been working hard :sweat_smile: on making some great ETF’s available to you.
We are really excited to share the list with you in the very near future :+1:
This will include VUSA, but not VUKE as we have the iShares alternative (ISF).
We hope you love them as much as we do!


Thank you!

You can now request & vote for stocks right here in the community :muscle: here’s how that works -

Introducing the Stock Requests category 📈