Stocks/ETF Requests

(Vladislav Kozub) #43

As soon as it is listed on LSE, I believe it would be a matter of days to get it to the Freetrade’s universe.

(Tommy Lowe) #44

Should get Tom Blomfield to arrange the IPO through Freetrade…

(Vladislav Kozub) #45

Found this page on the website, is it still under construction? Maybe there could be a link to the universe spreadsheet or the actual table?


P.S. On the subject, @Viktor, any chance $MU could be available among the US stocks?


A remnant of old web design. Best place to view universe and make recommendations is in our help.

(Rob) #47

Yes, $MU is no issue. Can be made available via all wrappers.

(Vladislav Kozub) #48

Lovely, now I will keep monitoring the spreadsheet waiting for a nice company description for MU, which I would not find anywhere else!

(Rob) #49

“Higher end/pricey SD cards for your holiday snaps!”

(Chris) #50

“YOLO Stock you buy for the lols”

(Vladislav Kozub) #51

I think it has potential and I personally am fine with roller coaster securities, the time horizon allows for it.

(Richard varga) #53

AMD would be nice… gaming industry is forever growing and won’t be slowing down any time soon… I love the volatility of this stock and it’s my most traded, over 100 trades in the last year!

(Dave Smith) #54

I have some NVDA, showing a nice profit at the moment with potential for huge gains if their AI stuff really takes off

(Vladislav Kozub) #55

@Dave, you will be glad to know that NVDA is already listed; it is of an identical interest to me and I believe the bitcoin craze was only a start for this company (AI is the future!).

@Rik, you can request securities to be added here, but I have already suggested AMD on your behalf.

(Dave Smith) #56

Fractional shares will be useful with NVDA as they are around $250 ish. difficult for smaller investors to get a reasonable number of shares when they have to buy in whole numbers

(Donald Philp) #57

@Vlad Thanks for this, really nice list. I don’t think its necessary to comment on changes, but there have been some changes to company names. I see PCLN (Priceline) is one which has subsequently changed to BKNG (Booking Holdings Inc). Do you have a link for suggesting these changes? If not ill just add booking to the list. Thanks

(Vladislav Kozub) #58

The team is quite versatile and and you can deliver information through literally any channel (PM/app chat/web chat/public discussion/ticker request google forms) and it will be responded to. In Any case, Toby and Viktor are experts in sorting any problem out in general.

Also, well spotted on BKNG. It does sound better indeed and at least reflects what the company does, unlike Priceline which I have never known what is until started exploring the scopes of various businesses.

(Viktor) #59

Thanks, we’re updating it both on the spreadsheet and in the app.

We should have an option in the app to improve title / logo / description. I think it’s somewhere on the very long todo list of the engineering team. Until then, here’s fine! We read every post. :slight_smile:

(Donald Philp) #60

Hi @viktor not a problem at all. I sent though the amendment on the link to add stocks. I’ve also sent a couple of other additions and corrections though which could be quite useful :+1:t3: might still add one or two more :blush:

(Viktor) #62

Please do! We’ve just looked at the additions and corrections, they make a lot of sense. :+1: Keep them coming!

(Viktor) #63

Updated! :+1:

(Richard varga) #64

Yes I have already requested but also thought I’d message in here to make sure others wanting it are also requesting!! Thanks for also doing it!