Stocks/ETF Requests

(Luke Bebbington) #65

I’m a fan of the iShares megatrends ETFs - AGED, RBOT, HEAL, DGTL. Would be great if these were offered on Freetrade.

(Josy-Baroness Boakye) #66

Hello - will the Sonos shares be available to buy from Freetrade once their IPO is finalised & live? I think it’s being listed on NASDAQ but not sure if we will have the option to buy from here? So far i’ve only seen Hargreaves promote it

(Vladislav Kozub) #67

Hey Baroness. I cannot see why not if HL can do. As @rob_h has said in the past (he could correct me if I am wrong), anything offered by Freetrade’s American counterpart can be part of Freetrade’s offer, which includes most of NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.

Also feel free to suggest it as I have also done.

(Louis Otto) #68

Is there a validation process for requests? I requested a few additions a few months ago, but they aren’t there and I haven’t had a confirmation or declination

For reference they are SOG, HLMA, GHH, BVTX, RST and QXT (all UK small/midcap)

(Rob Sexton) #69

@Louis, we’re focusing on bringing the original stock universe to you as soon as possible. Once we have the app in your hands and our community are trading we’ll begin to increase the stock universe to include some of the great suggestions we’ve been getting.

(Wilmer) #71

I’ve only seen 2 US REIT/Real Estate Tickers on the list.
In a generation for whom saving up for a property is lengthy and costly - REITs offer a good chance to be exposed to RE Markets and profit from regular returns and capital appreciation and liquidity for when you want to sell.
Perhaps we can include some UK/EU/US Reit/RE companies?
I’d rather go with the companies themselves than the Sector ETFs because different companies have different strategies. Personally, I’m all for Big EU City Residential.
What say you?

(Justin Timeson) #72

REITS were ruled out of the version 1 universe on the basis of complexity — PID rules etc. But I assume they’re coming soon. Any back office system that can’t handle multiple income streams at differing tax rates is likely not worth its place in a modern broker world.

When a REIT pays id expect you’d see two lines of dividend payment but the Freetrade team can confirm that for you.

(Josy-Baroness Boakye) #73

Thank you!

(Adam) #74

I hope there are some zero fee funds for the UK market coming soon. :crossed_fingers:

Fidelity’s fee cuts helped it gather $36 billion in its passive funds in the first half of this year, according to data from Morningstar. But investors still abandoned its active funds to the tune of $27 billion in the period.

Fidelity’s announcement of its free funds rocked the shares of peers. BlackRock fell 4.6 percent on the Fidelity news. T. Rowe Price Group Inc., Legg Mason Inc. and Franklin Resources Inc. also slid.


Ah, good info. Wonder if this also explains why I can’t buy Pinduoduo in a SIPP.

The Tencent ADRs seem to be only occasionally available, and usually with a minimum purchase.

(Chris) #76

Is it possible to get Cineworld added?

I think they’ve got potential to improve.


Hey Chris - we’ll take a look at it!

(Jim) #78

You have Vanguard ETFs to cover off the UK and US - how about VWRL to track the FTSE All World Index for a global view?

(Danny Jeremiah) #79

That’s an interesting one, seems kind of like Life Strategy 100 but without the UK bias?

Personally I’d like to see all the VLS products on here at launch, you can’t go too wrong with those.

(Denislav) #80

I have submitted for

  • ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF
  • QinetiQ Group PLC

WIth the discussion I opened about investing in cybersecurity it seems nice to have those two added at some point in the future. :freetrade: :slight_smile:


Lifestrategy are mutuals rather than etfs, so may not be palatable to Freetrade. Guess you could construct your own Lifestrategy out of VWRL and a mix of Vanguard’s UK/EU/US/Emerging gov bond etfs?

(Justin Timeson) #82

Prime Cyber is a US ETF … so your chances of getting it on Freetrade are low or at least in question… for the forseeable… see previous discussion re KIID rules etc…

(Malte Glasmacher) #83

I like pharmaceutical stocks like CELG or smaller companies like IMMU.


I put a request in for Tencent’s ADR (TCEHY), and you already have BABA and BIDU on the list. Yeah Chinese tech stocks… oh.

(Philip Parkin) #85

With oil and gas on the up would like to see the ETF ‘SPOG’