Stolen Phone

Hi Freetrade Community

I’m in Costa Rica at the moment and have just had my bag stolen on the beach with my phone in it. Can’t find how to contact Freetrade customer support to report this on their website.

How does one go about ensuring the account isn’t hacked?

Any advise will be appreciated

Hey, sorry to hear about your phone and bag!

You can email, I’m unsure of lead times, so I would stress the situation in the subject line, in hope it gets looked at sooner.

I hope this gets sorted quickly for you


Sorry to hear about this mate. To ease your immediate concern, even if they did “hack” into your FT which seems unlikely, your money can only be withdrawn into your linked bank account, so at the very worst they could only sell your positions then do nothing or buy others, which again is unlikely.


Can you send a direct message to your phone and ask them to buy ARB?


Thanks guys. I’ll get onto it

Pick up some HMSO too

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You should be able to wipe the phone remotely if it’s apple or android to stop them accessing anything (links below)

If you have a secure passcode / biometric login then I wouldn’t worry too much about it since phones are usually encrypted nowadays… unless they were specifically targeting you to get access to your data - but they’d have to put some effort into accessing that data, otherwise the phone will probably be wiped and sold or dismantled for spare parts.

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