StoneCo Ltd STNE

This firm provides financial technology solutions in Brazil. Its end-to-end cloud-based technology platform enables payments.

results today after US close

StoneCo Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results

StoneCo Ltd.

Can you provide a link please, copy and pasting large sections doesn’t support the websites and companies that produced the information :ok_hand:t2::sauropod:

from StoneCos website

Our business is performing very well. We are winning new clients faster than last quarter and are
producing strong revenue growth while improving profitability.

The first thing to say about this company is that Buffett has a stake. The stock has dropped considerably from it’s peak but obviously buying low isn’t a bad thing. Any thoughts?

I keep going to sell it then I always decide not to. I’m new to investing, can’t remember why I chose this stock but it’s been doing well for me.

Maybe you’re a Stone Cold Steve Austin fan? :slight_smile:

I’m not really concerned about it going up especially as I haven’t bought yet. The question is typically by how much and for how long?

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:joy: potentially. An undercover fan. Still debating whether I sell and buy more Rocket Labs shares :grin:

Buffet has sold out completely on this.

Don’t think it even got a passing mention in the annual letter (which could be timing) which shows it’s importance in the grand scheme of things I guess. Wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker for me need to find the tight selection of huge growth, long term and those which may just see reasonably solid returns. I think the third is the most possible but the question then is how many to buy and for how long. Don’t have to keep every stock for ever though.