Stonk Films/Series

Anyone watched the King of stonks on Netflix, :slight_smile:

And while we’re at it list any others you know of so we can have a watch.

Wolf of Wall Street, old/new

The Big Short

… Emmmm there was others I have forgotten now :smiley:

Not sure if it’s on Netflix but I liked ‘Hank: 5 years from the brink’ which is a documentry centred around Hank Paulson, then US Secretary of the Treasury. It relieves the GFC from the perspective of those that were tasked with putting the rescue package together.


Nice I will try find it and give that a watch :slight_smile:

Margin Call is really good. Great acting. Another take on the 2008 collapse.


Inside Job is a good documentary.

Also, Enron - The Smartest Guys In The Room

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Nice I remember someone saying that somewhere on here but I think they got deleted because of the thread posted.

I will try find that :slight_smile: thanks

Yeah I seen inside job that was good, not seen enron will try find that also thanks :=)

Enron is great if you like corporate hubris.

Jeffery Skilling is a real character!

It’s one of those cases where you think, how did they get away with it? Then out realise made lots of people lots of ‘money’ and that keeps everyone happy.

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