Stop accepting new customers

Check if you can claim back some of that 35% tax. Might be a double taxation agreement between Switzerland and the UK.


I don’t think Freetrade as an obligation to answer to this kind of questions. I think this is something the investor must figure out when doing Due Diligence, and yes the community forum may be able to help. But expecting Freetrade to do the investor’s homework is in my view an unreasonable expectation. They might be kind enough to provide an answer but I don’t think they should be obliged or expected to do so…


Appreciate your reply and take onboard but a simple reply within 3 working days to tell new investors that Freetrade doesn’t supply or support technical issues around investing and only a trading platform would have been appropriate, was only supporting original post on communication which should be supported .

Unless you invested in Cisco in 1999 :sweat_smile:


Your original post states that

which was clarified here

For which you showed appreciation

and for that I take my hat off

Somewhere on the website

or the terms and conditions Terms and Conditions

or somewhere else it will be stated that Freetrade is an execution only broker.

I’m sorry but I don’t really remember the exact place, therefore I can’t be more straight forward right now.

The community forum is a better place to ask for help regarding doing research because someone may be able to help. Like it happened with your question…

I honestly think Freetrade shouldn’t be expected nor be obliged to give a reply to this kind of queries at all. It may be nice if they do, but should not be expected. Otherwise they will no longer be an execution only broker and would have to offer investment advice which they don’t at the moment. Please don’t blame them for not having a cat

If you want Freetrade to offer investment advice I think that’s great. Please feel free to create an idea request for people to be able to vote for. And then maybe Freetrade adopts it.

Finally, please do ask for help with your research again. I’m sure someone will be able to help again


He has a £35,000 porfolio - I think he deserves some customer service withoutt waiting for 2 weeks for a replyy

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It’s not for Freetrade to answer questions on individual companies - regardless of if he has a slightly larger than average portfolio for the platform.


A short email saying that “Hi [customer], we can’t answer your individual company question right now” would be nice. And "thanks for being with us, your £35,000 is :gem: "

i mean wecan park our cash with so many brokers right now, a small gesture can go a long way


@roman_guy I agree it would be nice to have a reply. It can be read in the text you quote. But I don’t see it as mandatory. I bet Freetrade would have replied to him within the day had the GME drama never occurred, regardless of my personal opinion of what they should be expected to do. It is my personal view that expecting answers to questions that fall in the realm of DYOR, and I am convinced this to be the case, are unreasonable expectations, hence there’s no reasonable reason to complain about it. Would it be nice to offer an answer? Absolutely. But they were navigating through a perfect storm, overwhelmed by unprecedented workloads, and I believe they were unable to go the extra mile and provide an answer, but would have done if they had the chance. And I still believe it is best to ask that sort of questions in the forum. As he did. And someone gave him an answer.

I don’t think the size of the portfolio is relevant, or at least it shouldn’t be. In my experience with Freetrade, previous to the GME saga, I always had prompt, helpful and courteous responses from customer support. Even before I upgraded to Plus. Even when my portfolio was under 10% of his current 35k portfolio. Maybe I was lucky with the 4 or 5 tickets I submitted, or maybe they were able to breathe between customers


that’s your experience (no offense but it’s literally one person’s experience)

contingency planningg - you’re a round 3 investor, you should care that it’s in place.

Anywayy, Robinhood is doing it. You dont want this company to end up like RH (there’s a lot of RH dislike going on here, right?)

“The company said that it will more than double the number of full-time registered representatives this year, expanding to new locations in the process.”

Revolut is doing it. If you have customers, you have to support them because adding a new customer costs more in the longg run

“Former employees described a pattern of ineffective support: customer service agents without qualifications to offer financial advice, licensed brokers too busy to help and pleas from customers that went unanswered.”

Huh? Generally if you contacted customer support pre 2021 you would have gotten a prompt response. Most users would agree


none taken

yup… there’s only one of me

I honestly didn’t see the tsunami coming. I don’t know how to get 20, 30, 40, 50 new staff members for tomorrow. Fully trained

So is Freetrade. 25 wasn’t it?


Seriously, can we close this thread?


How dare you let your business expand and make yourselves more money. hahahaha

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@roman_guy Have you had any issues with customer service or are you just stoking the fire here and writing commentary that is completely obvious to everybody on all sides of the discussion? I can’t see what you are actually contributing here?

As Johnk says, please let’s just get this thread closed. It’s been a burnt wreck for days now.


I wouldn’t say 4.7 on the app store is ‘poo’.

My original post was flagged after 15 days being live :joy: … someone doesn’t like people asking questions :mute:

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I had to do the same with my SIPP

Open an account elsewhere
Ultimately I want all my accounts together, so unless FT can get their act together I’ll be moving my entire portfolio unfortunately.