Storing currency in dollars

(Giridhar Tammana) #21

At the moment I couldn’t find any other ISA provider with lesser FX fees, when I purchased GOOGL in iweb isa I was down by almost 2%. I know it pains but there is no other way.

For active traders with large deposits there are better options. For example on Interactive Brokers,
If account deposits are more than $20k then, there are no maintenance fees, you can keep money in USD or do whatever you want. and transaction fee is $1 per trade.

FT could have a cap total fees per year in thousands :grin:, and might attract mutli-million account holders? don’t know may be they are with better deals already!


I’m not disputing the exchange rate, it’s reasonable and fair when you think about it. My issue is with having to pay it over and over when i’m only using my currency to buy us stocks. I should have to pay the fee once to buy my dollars, and once more eventually when I want to withdraw.