Suggestion - ISA contributions bar

I’m just in the process of transferring my S&S ISA to Freetrade and noticed the bar with the remaining contributions for the year on it. One of the things that’s always been a bit manual if you have a S&S ISA as well as, say a P2P and/or cash ISA, is keeping track of how much you’ve contributed to each and (if fortunate enough) making sure you don’t exceed the subscription limit.

While, at least in the short term, I don’t expect it’s realistic to have an automated feed from other product providers to help keep track, would it be possible to have a field on Freetrade that would allow you to manually enter how much has been contributed to your other ISAs? This would allow the bar (or a separate bar) to display how much you’ve contributed to your ISAs in total and help manage contributions when near the limit, as long as you keep it up to date.

Might not be useful to everyone but I can definitely see some value (not likely to be fortunate enough to have that problem this year, but still!).

EDIT: Misread your post, you’re talking about different types of ISAs, my bad! :sweat_smile:


Haha - no worries at all! I wonder if this might be a logical extension from the Open Banking stuff that is going on at the moment.