SUGGESTION: Pinned megathread for issues

Just a thought but would it work to have a dedicated, pinned issues megathread?
If feels it would be easier to manage, increase transparency, and allow FreeTrade staff to have high level view on the issues, while clearing up the forums.

I disagree. I hide threads that I’ve read and that no longer seem relevant to me. Mostly because some people have a tendency to bump old threads for unrelated reasons months later. So I hide them. :freetrade: staff create dedicated pinned posts for specific issues. That’s more helpful than reviving old threads, I think. Old threads get ignored and hidden. Possibly for the reasons I do it and possibly for others. Regardless, new threads get created for a reason.

I definitely think there should be an FAQ with US ETFs, support email addressess and ‘why doesn’t the price match’, which is pinned, it would cut them down a bit.

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