Supply@Me Capital (SYME)

Anyone keeping an eye on this Fintech share?

Listed for just over a penny, dropped with corona and then in the last FIVE days, gone from .08 to .32 based off an RNS about a MOU with a firm in the Middle East.

One broker has a 1 year target of £0.16p. Yup… one year target.

A new way of inventory monetisation

Supply@ME has developed an alternative platform focused on inventory monetisation, which can enable a wide range of manufacturing and trading businesses to improve their working capital position (via a “true sale” of the inventory to special purpose vehicles incorporated by Supply@ME) and also provide a new asset class to investors.

Sorry, put this in the wrong forum, can someone move it please?

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Thanks admin, I wasn’t requesting it through.

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This is up by over 100% so far today.

Might even hit 1p by the end of the week! It was as low as 0.0009 just over a week ago.

Mental. No one on this gold mine?!?

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I’ve been watching this. But I cant get it on any of the platforms I use

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Director just put purchased 1.6 billion shares.


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Can you please add SYME Supply@ME Capital plc

Many thanks

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Any reason for not adding this??

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Maybe because it’s the investment equivalent of playing roulette.

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Let people make their own mind up based on their research and judgment. Any one who doesn’t want to buy a stock doesn’t have to


well, it also has 0 votes and is in the wrong part of the forum. :man_shrugging:


Hey Seb,

First of all SYME is main market and not AIM which I think is a pretty big difference.

Second, it’s only ‘roulette’ if you don’t do the research.
I’ve done a lot of research and I think it’s a great company with huge potential.

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I second this! Let’s get SYME on Freetrade ASAP, wouldn’t want to miss out on this golden nugget!!

Yesss I want to get in on this. It’s on 212 but I have my ISA with Freetrade. Think this could be a big one for the future.

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