Support American Express for Plus / ISA / SIPP payments

I don’t see anywhere in the app and Freetrade’s help site that indicates what payment methods are supported for recurring monthly payments (i.e. for Plus / ISA / SIPP payments) - even the payment method change / update screen doesn’t indicate - but I’ve deduced through trying that Amex is not currently suppporting.

I would like to be able to use my Amex card to pay for Freetrade - is there any intention of introducing Amex as a payment method for recurring Plus / ISA / SIPP payments?

I would love this too in order to get cashback or airmiles on mine, but very unlikely to happen as Freetrade are probably unwilling to accept the extortionate commission charged by Amex. Which is fair, given that Freetrade doesn’t charge us for buys/sell orders.