Syncing order

Today as soon as the market opened, I tried to added, after a decent dip, a few share to my $MPW position. Firstly the order was pending, while after rising the problem to Freetrade It became “syncing”. Now are passed more than 7 hours and still isn’t resolved…

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Isn’t a nice situation, and for the first time I feel very disappointed with Freetrade

I haven’t the shares nor the money invested

All I can suggest is

  1. Ensure app is updated…check in your app store

  2. Clear app cache.

  3. Reboot device.

  4. If above steps fail, contact customer service.

Still no news, this is getting frustrating…

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Did you do all the above?

At least it’s cheaper now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes and cause of this I would had like the order to be rejected so I can buy at a cheaper price :sweat_smile:

Yup, DriveWealth had some connectivity issues :man_shrugging:

Ah ok. Well at least you know.

And it was third party that let FT down, so thats good for us all to understand.

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U.S. market is closed, still no news, who know how long it will last? Days? Weeks? at least will be nice to have my money back…

Contact customer support @Dani88

Resolved, I had the cash back to my account

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Have you raised a ticket? They are normally speedy. Using a web forum. Isnt the right place to go.