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This company develops treatments for people who have had organ transplants. Its main goal is to help organ recipients better recover from an operation.

I only just came across this stock, it shows as starting yesterday but you have posted Oct 21 so what has happened?
Has it been spun out? IPOed? Etc etc
Prepped for something because you are going to restrict it on basic.
So what’s happening peeps :eyes:?
I think you should tell us all you know, not just the little snark at the bottom of the listing.
I await your pleasure :relieved:

The stock has been in the app since last year. Not sure what you mean by it starting yesterday?

The stock is moving to the standard set in freetrade from September

It’s ok it has righted itself.
Yesterday the graphs were all the same, the max graph only went back a day and defined the rest.
That’s what was confusing me.
Obviously just a software glitch which, as i say, has righted itself.
Sorry for wasting your time

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