Tattooed Chef Inc TTCF

Tattooed Chef is a leading plant-based food company offering a broad range of great tasting plant-based products that are sustainably sourced.

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Anyone else holding this?

Bought in when it was FMCI and intend to hold it for the long term. It was the target of a short report last month, but I feel it has great potential to grow from its current price over the next few quarters, The company is making plant-based food accessible and enjoyable (it turns out cauliflower pizza crust is extremely popular) and could announce some exciting retail partnerships in 2021. Also, it’s trading at a more attractive value than Beyond Meat.

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What did you think of the concerns raised on customer concentration in the short report?

This guy is really good.


I wasn’t overly concerned. I think we’re going to see an aggressive push next year to grow the customer, including on the marketing front to boost brand profile.

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this stock with lockdown coming to an end (hopefully!) soon?

Tons of upside. Great balance sheet-lots of cash and limited debt. Just completed a $35m (thereabouts) acquisition of a Mexican food manufacturer that gives them a ton of extra capacity and possibly $200m bump to the top line in two years. Huge demand for their products, amazing growth projections (every before that acquisition). Seems great value at current prices.

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TTCF will never be big in the UK, their products are overpriced and supermarkets already have a huge plant based selection, especially their own brand products are best value for money & taste.

Since plant based choice is almost nonexistent in the USA, it has big potential there.