Tax treatment of US companies listed in europe

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Some US companies are listed both in us as well as in europe, for example Apple and Johnson& Johnson. The ones listed in US will have 15% tax at source, but does anyone know if the ones listed in europe has similar tax treatment?

I did experiment buying vodafone both listed in US and the one in UK, as expected, the one in US got taxed 15% dividend while the one in UK does not.

This is correct. Dividend withholding tax is applied to US listed companies making distributions. Shell (RDSB) is listed in both the UK and the US giving you options for where to purchase it but the withholding tax is only charged in the US. However, in the UK there are other taxes so it all has to be weighed up.

Shell is uk based but us listed, I am wondering if us based and uk/europe listed like Apple. Does US taxman take the dividend tax immediately after they are declared.

Put it in ISA and done with all UK taxes rite?

Ah okay yes I understand what you are asking now. Tax is not my strong suit but my understanding is you are being charged withholding tax due to the fact you are an alien rather than because of where the company is listed. This means that regardless of where there shares are listed there will be some withholding tax. Where the nuance comes in is that different countries have different treaties which lower the rate from the full 30% (down to 15% in the case of the UK). The rate applied to you is based on your tax residency (declared in a W8-BEN form). Again, check with someone else to be sure.