Team17 🪱 - TM17

Once the full AIM is available on Freetrade, TM17 will be one of the first to appear. The Invest platform is almost ready for everyone too.
Not long left to wait now :slight_smile:


I wish this had been added. I had to buy this (and a lot of other stocks) on Hargreeves because Freetrade just don’t offer enough of the market yet.

I dont see why this couldn’t be added fairly easily? There are already a lot of AIM stocks on Freetrade. Its not like its on an exchange Freetrade are yet to connect to?

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It’s the same as every other stock due to be added. All hands on deck upgrading to the new platform - then the floodgates will open.


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True, FT has limited resources and dedicate them to the new platform for now. I had a position with TM17 on IG and sold when IG were chaging the fee structure. Just hope the floodgates open soon :wink:

Hi, does anyone else see Team 17 as having potential?I’d like to be able to invest on Freetrade.

I think this would be a Great addition, in which I would be looking to invest.:relaxed:

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They have maintained the value dispite the recent sell offs and setbacks. Take a look at CDM which hasn’t done so well. Confidence in TM17 is strong based on this and depending on how the launch of their upcoming releases, Moving Out, The Survivalists, will determind their future value. Should hopefully see them scale up their development and publishing in 2020 and beyond. Would see CDM being better value than FDEV and TM17 today.

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Hi i didn’t see anything on the roadmap where the entire AIM market would be added. Would you mind pointing me to it?

Will this one be a sanctuary in 2020?

I reckon TM17 could be as close to being one as you can get. Anyone bearish?

Is anyone here still strong on TM17? They’re doing great financially and I think they’ve got a good niche going too. Long term, I don’t see it going anywhere but up. The company don’t take risks really, the approach seems to be to buy the rights to loads of indie games that they think have potential and see what sells

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Have you done a stock analysis on this @LewisHarding?

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I haven’t done one as of yet but TM17 is a solid company fundamentally. I’m surprised that a bigger developer hasn’t bought them out yet to be honest!

I’d have to do my full analysis & DCF to come up with a fair value.


Do you still see it as only going up 12 months on @Acids :thinking:

Do you know any info or news with this company??

team17 is indeed my favorite game developer :blush:

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Haha no I made a mistake on this one. I sold my stake to break even on it a few months ago. Interesting to see it’s dropped so much, whys it done that?

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I like to say I know there work but I don’t as don’t have time to play games anymore :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I know it off track but I still have my SNES N64 even a broken gamegear :rofl: I’m not up to date with what games are made by company anymore :pensive:

So you didn’t lose :+1:t2: tbh mine is a free share but still like to see it do well

They made a blunder with NFTs which pissed off developers and showed management might be out of touch.
Also I think there are some work place allegations around the treatment of QA staff.

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I like the company still, I’m going to get up to date with them to see whether I want to take the gamble at this price

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This is an average-sized part of my portfolio at an average pp of £5.04 per share. It’s one of those companies where I rub my hands at bad news as it gives me an opportunity to buy more, because I know fundamentally it’s in a good place, track record of developing simple, addictive games like Worms, Escapists, Overcooked. They’re never going to release the next GTA however as gaming companies go their revenue stream is stable (put in a bit of effort with a new Worms release and people will buy), and where if they do in the future hit a home run with a brilliant original, they’re big enough to make sure people hear about it and that this translates into purchases.

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