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1.80p wow

It’s interesting to see that more shares were bought than sold today in TM1. So it’s not necessarily people losing faith in the company. Just the share prices reaction to the overall market which took a pretty big hit today.

Hopefully the price will recover back over 2p next week.


Personally im happy with this price being so low. Hope it goes lowers tbh till they start making some deals and acquiring contracts. Will be good to see there financials when they get some movement going. Look forward to the day my shares go even a penny above what i paid.

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Would aslo be good if they become successful they become a dividend stock that pays quarterly all of us who got it cheap would be raking it in lol


Lol, imagine that. That would be all sorts of amazing :grin:

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This in general is not true. There is no requirement for ‘successful’ companies to issue dividends. Also be aware that some companies borrow to pay dividends.

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I’m with Emmett! I’m happy with this price, or lower for the time being, until I’m in the 50-100K range of shares. Just know that in the near future we might be looking back saying…”Remember we could buy this at under 2p” I have a feeling I will say this to a lot of people! Imo! :battery::chart_with_upwards_trend:


Aye, cheeky top-up again just now. Bought my AVG down

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It’s going to be the “end of” October now!

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That means october next year

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I’ve topped up today. Surely news of a first contract signed (soon I hope) or the first arrival of battery’s for processing has got to send the share price in the right direction.


Didn’t they sign a contract with a large car breakers a couple of months ago?

A plesant suprise to the end of the day.
Had a bit of a top up to bring the average down. And then a rise at the end of the day.


While i had reached my target on how many shares i was happy to hold, i did snag a few more this morning.


It’s strange that when we get good news the share price drops and when the overall market is in a crazy state the only shares I have that finished in a positive position was this one. Weird.


And holding in a bad market today


Are we lagging behind?

Hopefully we are a few steps ahead and ‘local’ will make a difference in logistics moving raw materials to recycling plants.