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A Twitter trickle on a Friday afternoon?

Nothing new or exciting!

Ah im probably part of that bunch. Didnt realise everyone on here was also on L.S.E.

Dont really see it as an issue as not everyone on lse is on freetrade


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Mmmmm. The Libatt Wolverhampton plant?

How many companies are waiting on licence?
Are these Recyclus Group companies not profitable? WHO is paying the wages? Intriguing don’t you think…?

What we all worrying about now

All thays confused me so have er been approved

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Ahhh. OK… That’s ok then… I’m not going to mention it again … End of…finnito…

No im ssying im confused

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Sorry m8, didn’t mean to seem ungrateful… Thx for responding

Very confused what uour going on. About now mage

So correct me if im wrong according to that weve been approved ?

I’m not sure who’s waiting? Sorry.

Blimey, i need a translator… what did i miss ?

Just me waffling on again… Just wondered how Libatt recycling and their Wolverhampton plant,oh and their ambitions to be first industrialised recyclers of Li-ion batteries fit into the big picture…

Sorry lads in the pub so trying to put my fingers on the right letters