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Blimey, i need a translator… what did i miss ?

Just me waffling on again… Just wondered how Libatt recycling and their Wolverhampton plant,oh and their ambitions to be first industrialised recyclers of Li-ion batteries fit into the big picture…

Sorry lads in the pub so trying to put my fingers on the right letters


Has anyone got a listing of how these shell companies are coming together?

its like theyre just popping out out of nowhere.

its already confusing the relationship between Rec & TM1, and now theres Halo, which is a subsidery of Reyclus & now LiBatt

Why the different branding/companies?

as far as Im aware TM1 owns 49% of Rec… how much of the other two does Rec own?

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Yeah even im not too sure on this believe tbe halo one has been around for a while. Libatt seems to be new. All seem to be Wolverhampton aswell

Predictions for this week? Sp up or down ? Rns ?

Now that the 3 weeks is over it will be dumped imo

Not sure what you mean… is that a good thing or bad thing ?

Its going down heavy this week i reckon as in bad

They said the licence decision would be coming in 2-3 weeks, 3 weeks ago. So unless there is some news with something new, then there could be an exodus of people selling their shares and moving on.

I’m sticking with it as a few of my other holding are baring up well, so i’m not looking at a massacre every time i look at my portfolio, but i can well imagine a fair few people cutting their losses on this one and taking what’s left and backing another horse.

While i am prepared to be here for the long term over a few years. It would be nice to see the bloody licence and stop this downward spiral.


Have to agree, although I’m stuck in purgatory! At over 60% down I’m going nowhere!

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Definatly tommorow would be the perfect time to announce it . But huge drop this week imo

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Think learning of any progress on the exploration and mining side ( the focus of tm1 apparently) is a more sensible enquiry… Is all that borrowed money making advances on that project?

I’m holding for at least 5 years, so whether the EA news comes this week, or in a month, doesn’t matter to me, I’d only look to sell in 5 years time anyways. But I hope it comes for whoever needs a quick rise for next week! :v::crossed_fingers:


Patents… Universities… Permission to test and grade used batteries… Too much for my brain… The partnership with Slicker Recycling seems to have a calming effect though… Lets see what tomorrow brings eh?

Happy to hold for ages, but i just want the validation that the licence has been granted. My understanding that a decision will be made about the licence doesn’t necessarily it will be a positive decision.

Im looking at selling at stages

Tis why I’m in it for the long run. Everything right now is not the be all and end all for me. The technology they wish to recycle with and the business of batteries itself will be much bigger down the line, and if this gets a head start for the future, that’s where my interest is at. In my twenties currently, and will be in my thirty’s in around 5 years time. Hopefully will be a good little financial bonus for me by then :grin::crossed_fingers:

Once I get the number of shares I want, I’ll probably leave all of this and forget I invested until 5 years later lol

Thats it its not something that im taking a quick profit from ive got plenty of other stocks for that.

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