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This is in reference to the £4 million

Someone on L.S.E. is suggesting ea licence will land tuesday or wednesday. No idea where they got that info from tho.

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We’ve always known this! Just don’t know which Tuesday or Wednesday!:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


EA will issue licence when everything is submitted and cross-examined. Just sit and wait, nothing we can do. We can sell and recoup less losses or hold and one day(which day I do not know)receive a nice payout.


Guy of LSE has been guessing that for past month rvry week

In other words new low

Nothing ventured, nothing gained… Have a good week my fellow optimists…


Status Quo are currently on my playlist, singing “down down” (just like the shares!). I have around 4m TM1.L in my family portfolio. Nearly 50% down in my SIPP and other 2 accounts not looking great either, having bought in at around 1.3p. If I sell now then I crystalise losses. One thing I find irritating is that there are other companies involved in this TM set-up and the directors all seem to be the same (Stanbury, Brundle etc). Wouldn’t it be good for them to concentrate all their time on the “main project” and then everything else should follow suit?


Has Tm1 acquired 100% of recyclus yet ?

No they have not

Nope its gone quiet on that

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You would thing as they are the buyer and seller it would go through quickly

Slicker deliver to Recyclus depots… Recyclus has permits and capability to grade batteries. It’s a lot easier to refresh/renew a used Li-ion battery and far more profitable… tm1 has 49% into that… Perhaps tm1 get whatever is left for recycling they get 100% of that. No need to buy outright if you already benefit from both ventures.

I guess on the issue is for long term holders is it i a much better company to invest into witb 100 percent income coming from the recycling part. Feel like the mining discovery side is very poor tbh

Technology Minerals - Update on exploration campaign at Leinster Project #TM1 Technology Minerals - Update on exploration campaign at Leinster Project - Vox Markets #voxmarkets

Something positive?

That’ll be another drop!

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Agree Lee. The mining side seems very niche and is it really worth the hassle and effort? I’d say not. All this “circular economy” stuff which they go on about…it’s nothing more than a pure buzz-phrase which I am sure they are very proud of however to us shareholders is unimportant. Get the licences done (including variants), sort out 100% of Recyclus (although it’s the same individuals involved in both companies) and then crack on with processing the batteries. Surely it shouldn’t be that difficult?

Beat me to it

Yep agree way i see it currenty we own 49 percent of recyclus so this makes us a exporation company. The only issue with that is we arnt a mining company. The revenue we will get from the exploration part is very minimal

Recognise your name, mate. The worst bit is just waiting at present, isn’t it? Sat on large losses just now but however once everything comes through it’ll be a different story.

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