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When was the licence applied for? It normally takes 3 months at least (depending on how complex it is or if there are any issues raised).

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Hahaha, this made smile. If it was 3 months we’d all be very happy. It was applied for almost a year ago!

The EA cited covid backlogs as part of the hold up, then goodness knows what else has taken so long. We were originally waiting for the licensing to come through last April. We’ve all been sat here watching the share price steadily drop since then.

They have already been granted several licenses, it’s just the final few that need rubber stamping before the big machines get turned on and start churning out cash.


It is very frustrating. More so in the fact they could have been so far ahead of the curve.

Despite what i told myself a few months ago i’ve still been buying some more. Every £20 or so brings my average down a point.

Be nice to hear if they are still sitting on the lead they have produced or managed to sell any of it, or even if they have managed to shift on any of those Halo boxes.

Other than the constant delays on the licence all the other news they bring out tends to sound positive but none of it is tangible.

I was hoping for the full automation licence at the end of Jan, if it ends up still in Q1 then i can cope with that.

New target in mind for where i will draw the line on how many shares i want.


I’m the same, I keep hearing these podcasts and interviews and thinking there is so much value here. The mining side alone is worth more than the current company value. I topped up another £250 this morning when the price dropped again. My average sneaking down slowly.


Technology Minerals - Seven New Licences Secured at Leinster, Ireland #TM1 Technology Minerals - Seven New Licences Secured at Leinster, Ireland - Vox Markets #voxmarkets


That’s another nice little bit of news. They are very excited by the prospects of the Lithium sites in Ireland so to add another 40% to the size of the land is very impressive.


Likewise selling just 10% of the rights to Idaho mine in America made us 900k, this before the further finds there. The company that bought the 10% had options to buy more if I recall, so all in all a good cash generator if needed.


You can’t/don’t just rubber stamp environmental licences!

If they’ve been waiting for over a year then that suggests that they would/should have known that the process was taking longer than normal or that the EA have asked for additional information or changes to the plans.

Thank you

Although I hate to say this (as it’s used as an excuse on occasion everywhere) but it’s probably something to with Covid and EA playing catch-up.

Listening to the midweek pod cast Alex said that in December 22 we were 20th on the list and now (tue) we are 1st ! so on face value it is now imminent !!


Kind of conjures up images of one old guy in the department all on his own methodically going through the list dealing with one case through to it’s conclusion before starting the next.


It is the civil service so that’s distinctly possible :rofl:


Let’s hope so :raised_hands:

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Knowing the civil service, that one guy probably deals with licensing for several other industries too.


We all live in hope, my hope is that there will be a revelation on Tuesday January 31st. All licences will be issued, if not all, at least one…