Temple Bar Investment Trust plc TMPL

This trust invest in UK equities, aiming to provide growing income as well as capital growth.

It’s a good value play, I am looking forward to seeing what the new management team are doing. Those that bought before the first vaccine announcement are sitting on over 30% profit. I first bought them in early October so I am very happy right now :slight_smile:

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Although I’ve been topping up since March, I’m a long term holder of TMPL so my holding is still looking rather sad!

But I’m glad I kept hold of them - have confidence they will recover.

Got any details? What’s attractive about this trust ?

There has been a change in who manages the trust. Check on the website for information.

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The information below can be found on their webpage TMPL. The current portfolio breakdown is

  • UK Equities 51.03%
  • European Equities 11.6%
  • US Equities 17.6%
  • Cash & Equivalents 16.6%
  • Physical Gold & Silver 3.1%

and the top holdings are

Category Value
Travis Perkins plc 5.2%
IWG plc 4.0%
American Express Company 3.3%
Sprott Physical Silver Trust 3.1%
Safran SA 3.0%
Bayer AG 3.0%
MCcarthy & Stone PLC 3.0%
Baidu, Inc. Sponsored ADR Class A 2.9%
easyJet plc 2.9%
Twitter INC 2.9%

It looked bombed out and sad 2 months ago.

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Small update regarding Temple Bar. Have a look at citywire’s latest weekly update citywire. The trust is up 39.2% over one month. Little consolation for long term holders just yet but this is looking like a decent recovery in progress.

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The portfolio has been largely overhauled by now. According to the trust’s website UK shares now amount for about 75% and they sit on almost 9% cash. The latest top holdings are

Category Value
Royal Mail plc 5.0%
Anglo American plc 4.6%
BP p.l.c. 4.6%
Standard Chartered PLC 4.5%
Royal Dutch Shell Plc Class B 4.4%
NatWest Group Plc 4.3%
Marks and Spencer Group plc 3.8%
ITV PLC 3.7%
Aviva plc 3.6%
Vodafone 3.3%

A lot of these make sense, though there all large companies. I presume thats there focus? Rather than small UK companies that have potential?

Not so sure about Vodafone though, they still had significant structural issues last i checked. Saying that a lot of communication companies do.