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Would be great to have Tencent on Freetrade. I think eSports will rally the next couple years due to COVID-19.


Would it be possible to add Tencent onto the platform? The firm hold a 40% hold in epic games which is famous for owning games like fortnite & the new craze app Houseparty.



@Jeggo @Sarift - We are working on the 250 new stock additions, and it won’t be long until they’re on your app.

Update: Tencent Music Entertainment Group ($TME) will be added, not $TCEHY. We are unable to add $TCEHY as it is an unlisted, ‘over-the-counter’ (OTC) stock, and as such, does not have an ADR.


The increase in searches for Houseparty is quite astonishing:

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Has the blog been updated? I don’t think it was there before. Maybe WFH finally did me in.

When will we have TCEHY??? Amazing news we’ll have it.

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Hi Gary, I’ve updated my comment above to reflect the fact that we’ll be adding $TME, not $TCEHY - which is not available to us at this time as it’s an OTC stock.

That’s not ideal, but thank you for checking it. TME is probably a great company, but I hope I can trade Tencent on FT in the near future!

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Brand new to the platform and loving it so far. Reasonably seasoned investor, not so much on stocks and shares side of things, wondering if maybe there are reasons beyond my basic comprehension of trading mechanics higher up the chain that may be the reason why this core tech stock is missing from the bountiful list of options available to us?

I work alot in China and trust me Tencent are something you want a piece of… They are kinda second in command after the government here haha.

Live long and prosper people!

It is already on the app!

what what what!?! why can’t i see it… I only see Tencent Music

Right yes sorry, I thought that was what you meant! I will edit the topic back!

There is also already a stock request for this I have bumped it up for you.

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Thanks for immediate reply though! :smiley:.
I figure there will be a solid reason from the broker side why it hasn’t been made an addition yet as its quite a major stock with a serious volume movements everyday but curious none the less…

In the meantime both SMT and PCT have exposure to Tencent and Alibaba and might be worth a look into?

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Between Tencent and subsidiaries they own 10% UMG, 2% WMG and 9% Spotify. What do you think their strategy is here?

Hi Sam Robinhood offer Tencent, Meituan, Xaomi and other top Chinese stocks. This is the one issue that will cause me and others I brought on to pivot to robinhood when they launch in the UK. Can you please lobby to include these stocks as it’s a deal breaker.


This stock is the only reason I still have a DEGIRO account

There is already a thread for this? Best to delete this one and vote for the other one to make this more likely to be added.

Done, can’t seem to delete this one tho

Hey @Samram, sorry for the delay. We are working on it, though there is some extra complexity in adding some Chinese companies which is why it’s taken a bit longer.

We do have a number of major Chinese stocks on your app right now including:

  • Trip.com
  • Baidu
  • Alibaba
  • Weibo
  • NIO
  • iQIYI
  • Momo
  • Pinduoduo
  • GSX Techedu
  • Bilibili
  • China Mobile

Please do vote for the others you’d like to see, and we’ll work on it!

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