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(Vladislav Kozub) #1

Tencent is a dominant player operating five main platforms: IM - QQ, Weixin, SNS, online game, media (self-media, microblog, video), and utilities (video browser, mobile browser). It owns the world’s third largest social platform with 90% penetration in China. It is the No.1 global leader in online games which owns 100% Riot Games and 84.3% Supercell. It is also the No.2 payments player competing with Alipay (Source).

My personal opinion is that Tencent is the veins of the Chinese consumer economy, which grows massively, leading Tencent to huge growth opportunities.


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(Viktor) #2

Very anecdotal observation - I’ve travelled to China a few times in the past 2-3 years, and WeChat seemed to be the primary mobile payments app. Even the smallest street stalls seemed to accept it.


Chinese gov’s recent restrictions on launching new games seem to have depressed the stock in recent months - possible opportunity for ^ if the restrictions are lifted in future…

(R) #4

I’m so glad this was here. Saves me trying to figure out how to format a post properly. Gets my vote, a lot of money in this companies future.