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interesting, personally though, I’ve pretty much stopped shopping at Tesco, it just feels so overpriced when you compare to Lidl (who I surprisingly found has really nice products if eaten in a timely manner ;))
so I think Tesco will struggle to compete on price with them etc.


Lidl only has 800 stores, there some way away from being everywhere. Good competition but they don’t do everything.

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Yeah that’s true, especially if u compare the big Tesco’s and variety’s of products etc, but u get like two baskets worth at Lidl of food compared to one at Tesco for same amount cash, which makes a big difference for a big family (not that I have one haha)…

For those of you waiting on new about this

It’s been declared at 50.93 per share but not updated on the corporate pages of Tesco’s website yet…


So you get this for each share held on 12th Feb? Even if you buy them now?

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Here’s how Freetrade explains dividend dates

Short and sweet explanation is if you buy before the ex date and hold until on or after the ex date !!!
you are entitled to payouts including special ones etc.

If the above link doesn’t help try investopedia’s explanation which is a bit more concise

Ex-Dividend Definition.

Yes there is also a share consolidation taking place simultaneously on the basis of 15 new shares for every 19 existing which aims to prevent the share price falling by 50p on the ex dividend date.

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Thank you for this bit of info

Well it’s up to you if you want to buy anymore, only you can answer that. But in terms of the dividend to get this you just need the amount of shares you want and hold this through past the 15th of Feb and the payment is on the 26th (give or take a few days after to get to your account)

What about free shares when do they come out please

If you’re talking about the ones in your account from Freetrade? they are released every Wednesday!

Thanks appreciated for the advice

No worries at all mate

Do I get free shares with Tesco this year plus a dividend ifso when please

The free shares from Freetrade are completely random so it could be anyone worth between £3-200 I think! but the dividend is paid on the 26th of Feb so just need to hold them through the 15th to getting paid then you can do what you want with them


Do Tesco’s pay out more than once a year I know about the one in February but is there another one this year