Tesco 🛒 (TSCO) Share Chat

I’ve noticed same problem on my Tesco holdings. Showing me average share price of £2.83. Tesco shares have never got to the price lately.
With the consolidation my position in Tesco has gone negative despite me buying these shares last year at a good low price.
I’m currently in negative zone ie loss with the consolidated shares.
I hope this is an error.
I’ve sent Freetrade messages on app and twitter and hope this will be rectified.


I’m sorry Freetrade but you really seem to have dropped the ball
My partner tried to sell Tesco share FT100
Not only can she not sell the share but now TSCO cannot be found on the discover !!
When Sam went to live chat which is not live !!
She gets message can’t help unless you email us and we will get back in 5 to 7 days !!
This is very bad ! We will look else where if this is what you offer as service it’s bad !!!

5-7days for a response is pretty shocking, to be fair :flushed:

Tesco is going through a share consolidation as a decision based on their sale of their Asian based business. It’s worth being informed on the stocks you own. I believe that’s happening today which is why the stock currently isn’t available.

In addition to this they are also putting out a special dividend so the huge dividend you’ll receive this month isn’t a mistake.

You can read more here https://www.tescoplc.com/investors/shareholder-centre/shareholder-meetings/


Tesco is super volatile today, it dropped 20% at open.

Try again, you might have to try several times, maybe split your order into smaller chunks or set a triggered sell.

I think you’ll find this has nothing to do with “bad service”, but not realising what is going on today with Tesco.

This is what is happening today

Subject to approval at the General Meeting, as a result of the Share Consolidation, for every 19 ordinary shares that you hold at 6.00pm on Friday, 12 February 2021 (Existing Ordinary Shares) you will receive 15 new ordinary shares (New Ordinary Shares).

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It would be good to have an in app message for all holders when something like this happens to a stock. I think I did get a message about Apple when they split


It blows my mind how people can come on here and roast Freetrade when they themselves have absolutely no idea what they have invested in…

Instead of roasting Freetrade maybe rephrase your complaint in the form of a polite question directed at the community, or even better, post it on the designated Tesco thread.

The community is more than happy to help but I’m sure most members are tired of dealing with these sort of entitled complaints.

Furthermore, if the customer support weren’t flooded with these general investment questions they could actually deal with the more critical account related questions.


It’s down to you to be informed on the stocks you buy. I do agree that the slow response times are frustrating. I’ve been waiting a while for them to action moving cash from my GIA to my new ISA

Thank you one and all for the replies points well made and received
I trade on Barclays Platform on a daily basis and have done so for 20 years or more and the Tesco is trading today as normal all be it volatile. But it’s trading!
My partner is very new to this and a Freetrade platform is perfect to learn on as she can deal in Low values trades but the fact live chat response in that fashion and such a major share is no longer even visible on discovery caused her concern.
Thus I posted this on her behalf

It depends when you looked. Tesco was not on HL this morning for example and has only just been re-enabled a very short time ago.

Can someone please please please have the decency to reply to my emails, my app messages or now my forum messages. I have been waiting for my account to be verified with all my sensitive documents being uploaded to Dropbox on the 31st January.
I’ve also messaged on the app and emailed directly two of your colleagues without even an acknowledgement of the receipt. I have never signed up to an online share platform and feel concerned that both my passport and bank statements are with an organisation that fails to reply and reassure it’s new customers.
I am running out of options. All I can see in threads are we are busy and have more staff joining. But I had instant replies on asking for my sensitive data, and as soon as that was received complete silence.

Please someone Help!!!


That is really crap, but just understand you’re in a queue. They will get to you. Their support is traditionally great but struggling at the moment. Sending more messages isn’t going to change where you are in a queue.

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Hi @Enersha

We’re really sorry about the delay. This isn’t our usual response time, but as per our regular updates, we’re working through a backlog following a spike in customer messages this past fortnight.

It’s taking 7-10 working days to complete verification and identity checks right now.

We will be in touch as fast as we can.

Thanks, and we appreciate your patience.



Our Corporate Actions team is currently working through the Tesco consolidation.

As I am sure you can appreciate, this is a huge event, so please bear with us.

Most of our customers should see the new shares on their account, and if you haven’t yet, this should be processed very soon.

We will aim to keep the affected customers updated, as we have through our notifications so far.

Thanks, and we appreciate your patience.



Many thanks. I believe I’m amongst those who’ve received the new shares early. Problem is my holding in Tesco has suddenly gone negative despite me buying these shares at low price and being in profit for months.
My average share price now showing £2.83.
With this I’m losing money already.
I believe this is an error and hope it will be corrected.

I’ve had multiple messages in-app about my Tesco stock over the past weeks. One sent Feb 3, and the other Feb 12. There’s no way I can say Freetrade haven’t kept me informed.


Agreed I also had several messages about this!

Fair enough, I assumed from the OP that there wasn’t one in this case