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I was genuinely looking at Tesco last week contemplating whether I should buy a few shares in them but decided not to. Looks like that was the wrong answer :joy:

Lot’s of job cuts being reported recently.

Or 2.75 billion is Tesco accounting terms…


Tesco PLC (LON:TSCO) said it will pay out £5bn to shareholders in a special dividend after agreeing to sell its Thailand and Malaysia grocery chains.

The FTSE 100 supermarket giant has proposed the disposal of the Asian businesses for US$10.3bn (£7.8bn) to Thai conglomerate CP Group.

Tesco will use £2.5bn of the cash to make a pension contribution, which it expects to eliminate the current funding deficit and slash future pension deficit contributions.

I’ve looked at Tesco after having researched Morrisons.

The main takeaway is that the dividend looks safe to me. Not just because of high sales during the Covid-19 lockdown*, but because the finances are in good shape and the firm is still selling its Asian operation later in the year.

*although we’re back to normality with the weekly shop

The ex-dividend date is in a month, on 21 May


I would buy this stock. (But remember that this is not advice and the value of your investments may go up as well as down)

What about you?

  • BUY
  • HOLD
  • SELL

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Thanks, everyone.

The “buy” team won, by a significant lead.

While the share price is lower than the level at the end of April, the “buy” team may still probably win over time:

We have to understand this against a benchmark, eg how online shopping grew on average, but it’s of course great that Tesco benefited from the growth.