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When even Dan Ives is cautious, you know the call is going to be bad.

“…with investors previously focused on Tesla’s EV volume and cost advantage potentially throwing in the towel, and eventually replaced by AI/tech investors with considerably longer time horizons,” Rosen said.


Tesla has to delay $25k car- due to issues with 4680 battery ramp, according to some sources.

Needs to solve 4680 issues first, then mass made cheaper cars are feasible.

Meantime, self driving tech taking 1st priority.

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If its Tesla, their delays could be years so the 2025 date could end up being 2030 or beyond but we will see.

Let’s go.

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Some beautiful responses on Reddit (fuck u/spez)…

The board needs to act on Musk before he finishes his “Twittering” of Tesla. He is an unstable drug addict who is actively hurting the company. Sales are down because of his behaviour and his reaction to that is cutting integral departments to the companies success. Source

What decision has been made in the past 5 years that hasn’t been short sighted? Cybertruck bongdongle instead of affordable car. Play politics to the point a significant chunk of your prospective buyers don’t want to touch your brand. Stupid yoke and lack of intuitive driver controls. Supercharger team cannibalism when charging is one of Teslas strongest features. Source

Step 1 - build the largest supercharger network Step 2 - convince everyone to change their car infrastructure to get access to your supercharger Step 3 - fire the whole supercharger team Source

You can now pick up 2021 - Onwards (apparently a good year) Model 3s on Autotrader for ~£18,000. I’d been considering one at that price but I just don’t want to be seen owning one/ being associated with Musk regardless of whether the cars are good buy or not at that price. (Yes cows can drive in this country, it’s not the dark ages, equal rights, get over it)


Was in exactly your shoes @CashCow and decided against a Tesla but also because the nearest service center is an hour away and felt that I’d probably be there at some point and it would be a ball ache!


Might go down as one of the worst business decisions of all time.

At least I enjoyed voting against every board proposal with my puny 3 shares!


Every time i see a Tesla on the Internet all i see is the electric equivalent of a deisel/petrol guzzling suv. Do they do normal size cars?

Model 3 is fairly normal sized

Hmm, They really haven’t held their value any better than anything else, This is not what all the fan boys were predicting!

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GM said they’d be selling more EV’s than Tesla in 2024! Direct statement from their ceo, how’s that panning out?
Not to mention promises from ford, rivian etc etc. on their numbers.
If these ceo’s make these statements people will invest on their presentations.
Do you own research, always!

I am not a shareholder in an EV company, so I am not aware if China imposes any tariffs on American cars right now. However, if they do not, it could serve as motivation for them to start doing so.

Regular viewers of that YouTube channel will already know that Chinese brands are pumping out incredible cars at low prices. There’s something to be said for their tightly controlled and long term planned economy that’s allowed China to leap ahead. I do think that the USA and mainland European car manufacutrers are going to need government protectionism/ tariffs just to survive, otherwise they’ll end up like the UK car industry :skull_and_crossbones:


That’s the plan. Take the lead.

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They were well out in front for a couple decades at this point, to name a couple of things;
They own the vast majority of the cobalt mines in the DRC, which has something like 70% of known Cobalt reserves.
They also have a stranglehold on rare earth metals.

One benefit from their one party system, the long term planning they can do in comparison to our democracies in the West, which incentivise short termism

US are well on the way to protectionist policies against China (whoever the next president is), enough subsidies (tech and infrastructure) and tariffs to start having an effect.

Europe are well behind, though I recall Scholz (German Chancellor) being more vocal recently against China around that subject, for what it’s worth :person_shrugging:

They should incentivise competition, innovation and investment to enable us to compete. For all the wailing over China’s subsidies, they aren’t doing anything particularly out of the ordinary. In fact, with all the trade barriers, idiotic regulations and groupthink, the Chinese car market (and other consumer goods actually) looks decidedly more capitalist than many Western countries’!

China is simply outcompeting the West in many areas, and the political responses are reflecting that. Constructing elaborate trade obstacles won’t solve it, just like it didn’t help against Japanese/Korean automakers in decades past.