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In depth reporting on what I’ve suspected for a long time: Tesla utilises highly aggressive accounting practices in its financials, and possibly mistates them, including that all-important gross margin.


Surprisingly i havent seen one comment on social media about this, nothing from the bears, no significant move down in share price. Decent read, maybe next week it will get more scope after the excitement from the fanboys over the cybertruck on Monday subsides.

While I understand that many people are excited about this car, I personally fail to see why they describe it as “nice.” The design appears overly simplistic and too straight-lined for my personal taste.


Tesla is really being punished at the moment, but I think long term they still have potential. Musk is both an asset and a curse to the stock but the fundamentals are sound and they are still ahead of competitors. My personal price target is about half current valuation before I start to think about it; I think the market will get there sometime next year. It’s been a long wait for me since 2020!

China imploding and the probable coming invasion of Taiwan is a big risk for many large US including this one though so waiting to see how that plays out first.

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The most goes down this weird rabbit hole the more he makes owning a Tesla akin to supporting him and his views. I live rocket Elon (to quote @CashCow) but the rest is just tiresome.

Tesla’s lineup is starting to look old, the range is subject to a DOJ investigation, autopilot is almost vapourware (based on the initial pitch) and their advantages are being chipped away at on all fronts by legacy companies.

You’d have to be a fool to bet against Tesla but can’t see this stock perform well over the next 12 months. The days of this stock going “to the moon” are behind it. I qgree with your broad thrust but would have a buy price somewhere lower, maybe around $75.


I think if it gets low enough even Elon will agree to buybacks. In a rapidly deteriorating macro + company specific factors, Tesla simply won’t be able to reinvest enough funds at a high enough ROCE, not to mention buybacks would improve Elon’s ever-ominous personal solvency.

Seeing some real meltdowns on social media over the decline in share price, not sure why people are so shocked. Elon warned investors back in May of headwinds and that Tesla is not immune to market conditions etc aswell as warnings in Q3 earnings.

Agree with Kenny, Elon is an asset and a curse, loose cannon, this is the issue with Tesla, you are investing in Elon really. I watched an interesting video with meet Kevin (ultra tesla bull) and his bumchums, discussing Elon and questioning whether it’s time for him to let someone else take the reins and take Tesla to the next level, like Tim Cook did with Apple when he took over from Steve Jobs, different skillsets etc…

Anyway Tesla will always have its fanboys, that and a whole lot of hype around robo taxis and the cybertruck.

Would love a drop to $100, cant see it though. Support at $184 is tempting.


Completely agree about the investing in Elon part, hence why I haven’t purchased into Tesla on an individual stock basis, but of course have a percentage holding in my ETF’s. I find him way too unpredictable, just my personal opinion before I get flamed :slightly_smiling_face:


Another fed meeting on Wednesday hoping its good news for the price to bounce up before buying in late tuesday

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What’s funny is that it never occurred to me that the Cybertruck might be a bad off-roader.


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:see_no_evil: cover your eyes!!!

I’d rather have that old orange jeep :laughing:

I’m not a fan of the cybertruck I think they look ridiculous, but to be fair it could be struggling because the tyre pressures are too high, or possibly those tyres just aren’t suitable for offroad.

They are very heavy though, which won’t help

The Rivian and F150 seemed to do pretty well. Given this seems to be a Tesla in-house test I’d like to think they’ve set them up right for this type of terrine.

I have a reservation but now it’s a memory of a night long ago where I got carried away on launch night and it only be £100. You have to call them to cancel it and I can’t be bothered!

Still not sign of the roadster yet …

I get all the other cars tesla has made but god the cyber truck looks like someone fabricated it from a shed cutting a few triangles etc


Looks like something from an 80s movie envisaging the future :grinning:

Just remembered it’s Total Recall

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to be fair those tires aren’t suitable for off-roading.

The question has to be asked why Tesla themselves were testing the Cybertruck in conditions it was going to struggle / fail in. A very least it is an odd choice.

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Exactly! Knowing Elon it’ll be to see what could be designed better or upgraded, just like he does with the other cars.

Anyone with wny thoughts on this? I can’t quite believe this would stand up if challenged in court.

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John Cena was sued by Ford for this type of stuff and had to agree a settlement with Ford. The Americans love a lawsuit it doesnt surprise me. Porsche, Range Rover, Ferrari have similar contracts on certain models so its not a new thing this.