Tesla is "no longer investable" due to Elon Musk


Hopefully Musk will ride out the storm as it would be a big loss. I will be investing via Freetrade once my account is active :grinning:

(Emma) #23

They haven’t got American stocks yet so you might need to wait a little longer


Thanks, I missed that American stocks bit… any ideas on timescale for them?

(Alex Sherwood) #25

We’re hoping to have any update for you on our plans within the next couple of weeks :hourglass:

(Chris) #26

I expect to be trading them next week :sunglasses:


Through which platform?

Why not wait until Freetrade launch US stocks?

(Chris) #28

I was making a joke. Alex said the next few weeks so I said I expected them next week.
I mean, it’s not the greatest humour but…


:joy::joy:ah sorry

It’s friday afternoon - let me off :joy:

(Alex Sherwood) #30

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(Emma) #32

It’s just the first 10 minutes including the light hearted banter at the start



(Alex Sherwood) #34

Crisis mostly avoided, twitter’s about to get a little bit more dull though :disappointed:


(Emma) #35

Very surprised he backed down so quickly. I expect he’ll just tweet a lot about Space X and The Boring Company instead though

(Denislav) #36

Do people think that Elon Musk leaving the chairman position would be of any significance? I mean, he won’t have the power to really set the agenda for the board meeting. Also, do we know if a new chairman has been announced?

(Jim) #37

Doubtful as he’s still the CEO. Joint Chairman / CEO is more acceptable in the US but a corporate governance no-no over here ( for good reason )


It’s possible that the addition of independent board members will help. But you’d guess that the people whose job it is to rein him in daily will be working hard.

Here’s some punchy and funny (but only if you’re not a shareholder) opinioning on Tesla and Snap https://www.l2inc.com/daily-insights/no-mercy-no-malice/the-end-of-snap-tesla

(Alex Sherwood) #39

less than an hour before Musk tweeted that he would take a break from Twitter “for a few days,”

(Big Boss) #40

I love it. He is such a troll.

(Alex Sherwood) #41

This is fun.

(Dave Smith) #42

I think he’s wrong on this, you can’t just announce you’re going to buy back all the shares at $420 and say you have the funding when that’s not true. He’s lucky to get off as lightly as he did, people have gone to jail for less