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When Ford is shutting down its factories and drawing on credit lines, Tesla has raised a lot of money at over $760 a share (lucky timing) and is continuing with production in Fremont, CA (while it can) and China.

This is one of the several huge defining moments for Tesla and Elon.

He also said recently Tesla and SpaceX can produce ventilators for hospitals.



Tesla, the Bay Area’s largest manufacturer, has greatly reduced the number of workers coming to its Fremont assembly plant, though it’s not clear if the cutbacks put it in full compliance with health orders Alameda County and five other Bay Area counties imposed Monday to stem the spread of the coronavirus.

Of Tesla’s 10,000-person workforce at the Fremont factory, roughly three-quarters are not showing up to work after the company said workers could take paid time off if they were ill or had concerns over the coronavirus.

Sgt. Ray Kelly, a spokesman for the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department, said that he has been in talks with the company throughout the day and that the situation was not fully resolved.

“We still need to get to minimum basic operations for the car production,” Kelly said. The county order allows nonessential businesses to continue in limited operations to preserve their businesses.

GM, Ford and Fiat Chrysler are closing plants outside California, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.



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Hey Bulls

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Just pick any number. :joy:

Tesla ( TSLA ) to cut on-site staff at its Nevada plant by 75% amid concerns about coronavirus, according to Reuters

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Tesla :tractor: part 2 - all aboard.



Quite happy with Tesla atm as my stock is up 45%. Hopefully it will keep climbing and stay there!


Welcome to the forum @Julian_Alany.

I’m very happy with my investment too. 10 orders a minute in China apparently. Not sure they will hit guidance on earnings call in 14 days or not but either way I’m holding and buyjng more in dips.

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Thanks Gary - yeah, they are doing a great job!

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Yes absolutely right - TSLA up about 46%.
Made £1335 in three weeks. can’t complain.

Welcome to the forum, @Julian_Alany :wave:

My only issue with tesla is that it doesn’t seem to follow any sense of normality. It was trading at over $900 and still hasn’t made a single penny of profit. My guess is that they’ll have really poor earnings (understandably), musk will announce a new giga-factory on mars, and the price will hit a new high based on nothing. Gutted I sold mine because I love the company :sob:

Profit is generally not a good metric to value businesses. It took amazon essentially a decade to become profitable. But even then, profits were rare, because they put all their money into expansion.

You need to get to the profits eventually though, Amazon are consistently making huge profits now. The question is whether Tesla will ever make enough to justify the current valuation. I’m dubious

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Me too, especially with the possible disruption Hydrogen Fuel Cells could cause.

  • Adjusted earnings per share: $1.24 vs. loss of 37 cents per share expected and loss of $2.90 per share Y/Y
  • Revenue: $5.99 billion vs. $5.81 billion expected and $4.54 billion Y/Y
  • Free cash flow: -$895 million vs. -$604.4 million expected

“In Q1, we reached our highest ever revenue for a seasonally slower first quarter as our total revenue grew 32% [year over year],” the company said in a statement. “Sequentially, our revenue was mainly impacted by lower deliveries, driven primarily by limitations on our ability to deliver vehicles towards the end of the quarter.”


Pleased for shareholders, I can’t stand Musk so I refuse to buy Tesla stock.

But well done all!