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I think I’ve done 6k since July and I’ve spent £43

*note this is £43 on my home charger. I’ve done one long trip which was £5 a charge and I probably did 6 charges there and back


How dare you, the Zoe is adorable.

@Koni Yeah I’d like to see as well as I imagine it’ll be very illuminating. I just looked up when 19 figures came out, looks like we have to wait until the start of next month.


The S does not look at all out of place in London, and the X looks and is slightly smaller than the huge number of large Range Rover’s across the capital… but anything bigger than the original mini is massive on the country roads :stuck_out_tongue:

Tesla will drop the price of the Y once it starts being manufactured in Germany. As a few people said above Tesla are supply constrained in Europe hence they are building a factory in Berlin. If you look at their deliveries in europe the vast majority of their cars are sold in the 3rd month of each quarter as it takes them 2 months to ship to Europe.

Once Berlin comes online I think they will easily do 250k in Europe for 2022.

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I can’t help but think about Nikola’s construction site

Would it be an omen that Tesla’s year will be good again?


Today will be announced the Earnings Release of TESLA.
Analysis & rating of BarChart: TSLA - Tesla Stock Analyst Ratings - Barchart.com


Tesla’s profit margins held back by Musk’s pay and cheaper models


Tesla: Fourth-quarter 2020 net profit was $ 270 million, compared to $ 105 million for the same period last year. The market expected $ 763 million.


From almost $900 to $780? Jeez. I wonder if this is due to all the commotion surrounding those few particular stocks or if the price was so heavily saturated that it had to drop eventually…

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Can anyone buy Tesla I can’t buy, this discount is too good? Help? Customer service ain’t answering

US trading is suspended today

Earnings was missed by 20%

What’s the source for the market expectation of $763million?

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I can still get SPACs?

I am raging I sold some other stock today 2k to buy Tesla.and realised buying has been blocked. I think tesla rallies on Monday but I can’t benefit cos buying is blocked.

Giga Texas tells you everything, Tesla will change the world more than any other company over the next ten years.


I have never sold TESLA. Today is a gift, and we CANNOT BUY STILL!!!


Great progress from Tesla.

My worry on this profit is that all of it is based on tax credits, without those Tesla would still be making a significant loss, so when they go away the valuation is going to look even more crazy. Hopefully sales will improve in the meantime and they can bridge that chasm before the credits are withdrawn.


I’m with you on this.

I was merely pointing out that the earnings was 20% below expectation.
The 763million is inaccurate unless Marc has a better source than I do :slight_smile:


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They have already explained what happened to Freetrade.


The rich aren’t using FT, that’s not their doing. Their issue was FX. From what I heard most US brokers bar Robinhood allowed some trading.

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