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Tesla has been on a downward trajectory well before today.

They are 23% down on their year high

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Damn Tesla - you are falling hard!

Everything seems like its falling hard other than travel companies


Never a dull moment with this company! Still a great bet for the future though. Massive new factory in Germany nearly built, massage new factory in Texas not far behind, massive new EV stimulus brewing in US, on track for $50 billion in revenue this year. I could go on. Future never been brighter for this company.

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$670 BN marketcapitalization, it’s up in pre-market. The hard corrections in the markets are happenin faster thanks to Robinhoods , they used to take weeks and months. Next bull market on the horizonn

I’ve gone with a fair wedge hoping the pre market doesn’t go too far through the roof. Approx $700 as a long term investment seems a reasonable price.

I’m no expert though, completely new to all this… seems like always a good idea to state this!

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How do people feel about TSLA’s current stagnation - seems to be sticking a bit at this price. I’m in it for the long term, but it has been interesting to see the pull back recently. Certainly positive things on the horizon, the India announcement got my attention. Seeing Audi step up their game is interesting, but nobody seems to come near TSLA’s range and bang for buck.

Not worried at all personally. You need to expect volatility with this stock and after a year of staggering gains, a bit of plateau or decline is to be expected. Im still expecting the share price to grow nicely each year but not necessarily 700% a year! So much good stuff on the horizon this year. Next phase of Shanghai factory ramping up, Berlin factory completing, Texas factory completing, progress with their in house battery, progress with full self driving, huge sales figures likely for Q3 and Q4, new markets opening, new products launching, big progress likely for Tesla Energy… I would be very surprised if the share price doesnt reach new highs at some point in the next year or two. Just my two cents though.


It’s certainly my main quandary at the moment, I brought £4k at $700 but constantly spooked about the ‘bubble’ stories… I know long term Tesla will do well and likely end up way higher but the temptation is there to sell now and potentially rebuy at a severe dip (should it happen). I don’t have other funds to buy/average should it dip at the moment.

On the other hand if it never falls I don’t fancy having to rebuy in at $1000+

Even with a fall of value in 2021, Tesla is still worth more than all the other major car manufacturers combined.

Obviously, this is not remotely realistic, but it is true.


Exactly Han - the numbers don’t lie and they are absurdly overpriced. I know their future looks great and Tesla is a unique company but at some point I think the market is going to see sense with the price and it will adjust.

And on that note, as they say in dragons den… I’m out… loss of 1% on initial investment but at the ready should it drop to a much better value.


HOLD the line, this is a great company, it will be much higher.


Taking a batter(y)ing today :crazy_face:


Was thinking the same. My Tesla holding is now down 18% aha…

Although I’m now thinking… it’s back at ~600 … buy more ? Hahaha

i’m 30% down so i pull out? worried

Up to you really. Wouldn’t sell on a loss, but also, I’d only sell if you have lost faith in Tesla to rebound in the future etc.

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I feel it is still overpriced because of free money (like most US stocks) and has a lot further to fall, last time I checked the price was > 1000 years of earnings. Maybe revenue and profit simply don’t matter any more to most people, but I like to think they do.

It’s a solid company IMO and will deliver for customers and come to dominate the market in time, but if we enter a correction it could correct a lot farther. Last year around this time it was worth $100 a share, and not much has changed in their long term plans since then.

All that said I wouldn’t sell it at a loss at any price if you are in it for the long term, they have a bright future, it just might be a bit farther away than the current price implies.


Cathie Woods bought 177214 shares on February 23rd at a much higher price. I personally wouldn’t be concerned at corrections like this. Opportunity to buy more.

I would only sell in the red if I thought a company was going into bankruptcy etc. Don’t think that’s about to happen here :smiley:


Goodbye, retirement :sob:


I bought in at $800… My retirement gone too! I actually think long term the price will be ok. Might have to wait a while though…

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