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That’s pretty rough. The rear axel looks like it snaps, at 35mph, but it’s okay because Tesla are renowned for having plenty of spare parts available.


Driver’s neck snapping like a crisp also isn’t ideal.

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I’m sure you can get a new one faster than a spare part for a new Tesla! :joy:

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Oh No! Here’s a stuck Cybertruck getting recovered by a Ford :laughing:


More autopilot issues!



Tesla’s Berlin-area plant reportedly will shut production after Dec. 22 and not reopen until Jan. 2, 2024. The plant, like Tesla Shanghai, is running well below capacity.

The question of when they will start returning money to shareholders grows louder. They can’t utilise all their profits because their cash pile has been growing by billions each year for a while now. They’ll have to scale down their capacity plans too because they’re obviously very out of sync with the market.

In the words of Elon, concerning.



Tesla has had suspension and wheel problems for the last 10 years, I honestly thought they’d sorted it as I hadn’t heard anything for a while. For some reason it’s referred to as “Whompy Wheels” :laughing:, if you google that you’ll get tons of results and loads of picture of Teslas with at least one wheel fallen off

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I’m stunned to read that they were forced into a recall in China but not in Europe or the US. With this new evidence I doubt regulators will be able to ignore. Lawmakers already calling for action:


Tesla response for balance (where they don’t seem to refute knowing about the issues and actually confirm Reuters’ repair figures):


Berlin researchers hacked Tesla autopilot


90 miles according to this handy YouTube summariser. summarize.tech summary for: How far can the CYBERTRUCK tow 11,000lbs in Freezing Weather?

$29 billion in cash and counting now. No 2024 guidance given. The buyback clock keeps ticking…

I wonder if the “anti Tesla” posters here have actually driven the cars?
Go on, take a test drive. Is free, even if you don’t intend to purchase.
Best car I’ve ever driven.

Stock price is Indeed variable and doesn’t we’ll correlate to company news.
I think macroeconomic issues (inflation, interest rates) are key negative factors. Affects all car makers.

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I love the cars - think they are great. But then lots of other OEMs have EVs as well now and lots of them drive just as well or better than the Tesla vehicles. May of them also have CarPlay which for me trumps the Tesla specific operating system. The only real differentiation that Tesla have now is the Superchargers but many of them are now open to drivers of other cars. All the other Tesla bets - full self driving / robot / dojo etc seem like moon shots that have uncertain payback if ever. As such I personally wouldn’t value Tesla much higher any of the other OEMs certainly not more than all the rest of them put together. As such I think you can love Tesla cars but be wary of the investment case for the shares at the current valuation.


Other car companies don’t have credible auto driving, vertical manufacturing including own batteries, advanced robotics to reduce future manufacture costs and more.
Tesla isn’t just a car company.

Most car manufacturers don’t have positive margins on EVs yet. Tesla does today.

Those with negative margins need to find ways to break even, or will fail.


I dont know why I look at these things it make me sad … if only :rofl:

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If only I could turn back time :timer_clock: