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Not an earnings miss but an attempt to shift the metics into units over value. Margin has dropped from +30% to 27% in 6 months with Tesla raising the sticker price.

Tesla have replaced the multiples of hope that the company traded on in the early days with near impossible task of serving both masters, volume & value. If one of these V’s drops their valuation could well find itself tied closer to traditional valuations.

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$18 billion in cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities.
Net income practically doubled compared to Q2 2021 up from $1.1 billion to ~$2.3 billion.
42% revenue growth.
27% year in year increase in vehicle deliveries.
Operating margin +~4% from Q2 2021.

I think focus on one negative metric is a little harsh given the current global problems Tesla seems to be steering itself through quite successfully imho.


Don’t get me wrong Tesla is a monster but their valuation is based on them being the biggest monster around.

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I agree. But they continue to prove their critics wrong even when supply and trading conditions are fighting against them.

Tesla is soooo much more than a car company.

Yeah, but so is Toyota, and Mitsubishi, and Honda and Ford etc.

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Agreed, but they’ve got alot of legacy debt to sort out. Shrinking ICE business and revenue in one hand large re-tooling BEV costs in the other, this is probably going to mean more debt. Business is changing fast.

Do you think these other manufacturers will split their businesses up??

Just sold my position in Tesla again for a small profit.
I like the company. I like what it has done to the EV market and MV market in general and I do believe it has more to offer in addition to EVs.
However, the one big blip for me is Musk’s recent behaviour and the shadow of the Twitter deal.
I want to wait until this resolves itself before I commit to buying again (hopefully at a bargain price).

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Twitter wasn’t going to happen it’s a Turkey that has never been a good investment. Elon wanted the data on fake accounts which wasn’t provided I would walk away if it was me. Fake accounts I expect are shockingly high and the data would probably reduce the price of the company by a huge amount. I expect the stock would have dropped and at lot of people would have made a loss anyway.


Got rid of some small stock at profit. Still got some that I will remove at break even.

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Can someone explain to me why Tesla is such a expensive stock for what it is. I don’t know a lot about the company but other companies with higher profits and in my opinion more innovative are trading for less. I don’t really understand where the value of the stock comes from other than their increasing sales. Thank youu

The personality of Elon Musk

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Recent earnings growth, and forecast earnings growth (c25% per year for next 5 years)

So the shareholders of Tesla voted to approve a 3-for-1 split of the company’s common stock. Is it time to buckle up as we did back in 2020?

Let’s hope so as I missed out on that :joy:

In 2020 Tesla was arguably the best electric car manufacturer by virtue of the rest of them being pretty crap.

In 2022 the competition is far far stronger and Tesla has still failed to deliver the Roadster, the Tesla truck, the solar roof and now the Cybertruck… and don’t forget ‘full self driving’ which has effectively become a meme.

Surely the price can’t soar again at the time of the next stock split? It’s all getting a bit Gamestoppy.


Speaking of FSD, this is exactly the sort of thing I was worried about.

This had been a long time coming. What happens when FSD customers sue after paying for a feature that is likely not even called FSD anymore. Tesla had a deferred revenue balance of $1.8b in Q2. That is a significant potential write down.