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Hi hope your well…
Tesla share is it good to just hold shares once you have them?

Thxs for your input, just nice to have another opinion I know it’s not advice as such but thxs anyway, have a good day/evening :slightly_smiling_face:

If anyone else was wondering it’s Cleanspark, thanks Hugo.

Yep. Cleanspark is a distributed energy micro grid company thats seen huge grown in their core business, but just recently pivoted to BTC mining as well as a means to raise more capital to fund their micro grid business (something Tesla is looking to do as well with potential updates to their power packs). As a result of this pivot, revenue due to surge and stock up 250% since November. Sadly I can only buy the CLSK stock with other platforms, not FreeTrade.


Nobody, and I do mean nobody tell Cathy!


Wow Tesla’s taking a nose dive.

Some would say it is fully self-diving :joy:


Interesting news on the ARKK ETF recently - apparently the person who provided seed funding for four of their first ETFs was… Bill Hwang of Archegos infamy - whose scam was to leverage up on long bets and keep them going with yet more undeclared leverage until it all blew up, leading to a massive drawdown in certain Chinese stocks and the demise of his ‘family office’.

A little worrying, since Tesla is one of the largest holdings in this ETF.

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$603.59 :flushed:going to look down the side of the sofa for spare change :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, wonder if it will go any lower?


It could well drop a lot lower, and stay there - seems like this and many other tech stocks are getting a reality check.

edit touch wood it doesn’t, and instead “to the moon!” :sweat_smile:

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Interesting video

Looks to me like FSD is still a long way off


Yep, it’s remarkable progress though. I reckon in the next 10 years we’ll really start to see a transformation in industries like shipping and taxis to EV first and then to self-driving vehicles, but there is a lot of work to be done before entire industries are transformed - the market price of Tesla got way ahead of fundamentals IMO, but it is getting closer with recent drops.

I do think Tesla is well positioned to take advantage of that shift, but it won’t come overnight or even within a year or two, it’ll take time and a lot of work to get there, so there is still a lot of work to be done.

Perhaps but a lot is expected of V.9 which should be coming quite soon.

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Looks like there could be a be UK Gigafactory in the works. FREMONT, ARIZONA, SHANGHAI, BERLIN … Luton.
It does sound a little trotters independent traders.


But like Luton airport it’ll be branded LONDON


Yeah since the German one is also not in Berlin.

Why would they want to build a car factory in the UK? Would you considering it’s not part of the EU?

Maybe they think it’s a big enough market for cars and batteries to justify the construction of a factory

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