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The problem actually gets easier though if everyone has an autonomous vehicle, because human drivers are one of the major variables. They would have to bring in other regulations about how streetworks are reported and stuff like that, basically making the roads more autonomous-friendly.


Oh it is hard and theyโ€™re not done but theyโ€™re far closer than anyone else

But are they? in terms of disengagements per mile driven Waymo are far ahead of everyone including Tesla. I think Tesla just talks it up more than the others


Way I are doing incredibly well but with a LiDAR based system itโ€™s going to be much harder to implement into a car that still looks good.

So as TSLA is now incredibly close to an all-time high, and after nearly 10 months of loss Iโ€™m now 20% profit. Do people think the bubble will burst? Or will it keep climbing?

I think weโ€™re in bubble territory now and it may well keep climbing a bit longer. When stimulus and zero interest rates unwind though, watch out! They are at least profitable now compared to a few years ago lots of progress has been made, but the price is unrealistic given the challenges ahead IMO.


I am considering taking half out and solidfying that profit and leaving the other half in to see where it goes from here.


Interesting scribble from Adam Jonas. He thinks batteries will deflate ร  la solar and Tesla has an incentive to sell under cost (presumably to help mature the market quicker and incentivise complementary purchases). Imo that strengthens the case to eventually spinoff Tesla Energy. A separate entity can contract cell supply with Tesla at a fixed level and then try to push for higher prices.

Over $1.6b in net income despite $190M CEO compensation expense, $51M Bitcoin impairment, ASP decline, lower regulatory credits, and supply strains. Just incredible.


Q3 numbers look good to me. Not sure if Wall St was expected ring much more but TESLA seem to be on course to keep this momentum going. Letโ€™s just hope they can get chips and ship.


Adam Jonas raising PT to $1200

He believes the ex-Auto business of Tesla will generate $21b in EBITDA by 2030. Bold, given it has essentially zero gross margin at the moment.

Increasing 2030 volume from 5.8m to 8.1m.




Climbing quickly in pre market! See what else comes from this report.

$4.2b in revenue in a single order. It surely cant increase revenue expectations by that much for next year as they are capacity constrained. This is largely guaranteed rather than additional income.

Side note: How the hell are Hertz affording this four months out of bankruptcy?


Looks like a combination of Chapter 11, retail investor running the stock up, new capital & their fleet rising in value. Snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!

$18b in debt?! :scream: dont tell people in the Cineworld thread or I think someone will have cardiac arrest. Kind of shows how incredible the macroeconomic/monetary policy situation is right now when a company like that has gotten so much capital and is using almost all of it on a single purchase.

Meanwhile TSLA is about $30b off a trillion dollar market cap. Bloomberg has shares outstanding at 1,001.78m.

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Exciting times. Very likely to be a pull back at some stage and maybe over bought today but the future looks so bright for Tesla that Iโ€™m holding all my shares tight and will see where this journey ends in 5 years or so. They are making enormous profits, have a backlog of orders nearly a year long and are just getting started at monetizing their software. You can debate valuations all day long but if they continue to execute itโ€™s hard to imagine the stock price dipping for long.