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Thought I’d share from behind a paywall:


“The electric car bubble will burst, and that’s good for everyone”


He outlines points why a bubble can be good, which make sense. He doesn’t say anything about why it bursting would be good, so the title seems a bit inaccurate.

Obviously, there’s a point at which more investment from society is a waste, so it’s good that bubbles burst at some point.


It’s definitely a clickbait title, often chosen by editors not writers.

Youtuber says Elon is a fruad

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It only matters if you have OCD.

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Yeah… but only on certain things! :rofl:

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And wait until China copies the Tesla battery technology, with nothing they can do about it.


Very unlikely to split in my opinion.

Looks like I’ll be waiting a lot longer before cancelling my reservation but it’s simply too big to drive / park over here! :cry:

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Here we go again :see_no_evil:


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Telsa mange to drive 1200 km on a single charge with the next generation battery technology.


Link to the company who make the battery.

Could be a game changer for the electric car revolution.


Are they on FT?

No unfortunately they are a private company at the moment.

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Not if it’s self driving! :robot:


If my wife brings up this argument I’m going to show her this. I actually like sleeping on the sofa anyway! :joy::joy:

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I saw a video on this and from their conclusion, it’s a bunch of hype. They essentially added an additionally battery to a Tesla, thus increasing range.

I haven’t seen that from what I could find they actually swapped the battery out from telsa 100kwh to there own 200kwh. It also fitted within the same footprint of telsa battery so didn’t take up anymore space although I aint looked into it too much.

The Singaporean billionaire, who modestly describes himself as a retail shareholder, recently tweeted that he hopes Tesla will help analysts in the upcoming Q4 and FY 2021 earnings report. Delivery plan for 1.6 million vehicles in 2022. This, according to the investor, will help break down fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) and deal a blow to the company’s bears.