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(Alex Sherwood) #1


Tesla, Inc. is an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California. The company specializes in electric car manufacturing and, through its SolarCity subsidiary, solar panel manufacturing.



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(Georgi) #2

Tesla and Netflix are winning by most votes followed by Amazon.
We really are in a bubble.

(Emma) #3

People gravitate towards what they know. They are well known companies and probably come under aspirational investing, people just want them because of the name

(Viktor) #4

I’d like to think it’s more than the name! I personally invested into Tesla after hearing Elon Musk say

All fossil fuel powered things have an inherent subsidy, which is their consumption of the carbon capacity of the atmosphere and oceans.

(Around 1:31:55 of the Joe Rogan podcast.)

I might be a bit on the idealistic side, but I think a company like this should and will do better. I support the renewables-based future it’s working on, even if that means short-term losses for me.

However, to complete the picture, only ~3% of my money is in Tesla, and I mostly invest in ETFs.

In any case, this my personal thinking and it’s categorically not advice. You know the drill, always do your own research.

(Emma) #5

Name was the wrong term, visibility would have been better :see_no_evil:
Tesla is high profile at the moment for various reasons so people are more aware of them and what they are doing.

(Alex Sherwood) closed #6

We’ve now launched US stocks so of course Tesla is included in our Stock Universe :boom: in fact it’s been one of our most popular stocks since the launch.

Feel free to create a new #investing-and-markets topic or get involved in the discussion in one of the existing topics & share your thoughts about Tesla’s future with the community :speech_balloon: