The Acquirers Fund [ZIG:NYSE]

Acquirers Fund (ZIG US) - provides access to a long-short, deep value strategy that consists of long positions in undervalued, fundamentally strong equities and short positions in overvalued, financially weak companies

The Acquirers Fund is constructed with a 100% net equity exposure (130% long, 30% short) composed of the 30 most undervalued, fundamentally strong stocks listed in the United States selected from the largest 25% of all stocks (equivalent to a market capitalization greater than approximately $2 billion). The Fund is also composed of 30 short positions of the most overvalued, fundamentally weak stocks in the same universe.

Can this go into ISA?
Ithink I listened about this on either TIP or Animal spirits podcast.

There is another etf Iā€™m interested in CWS but not tax efficient with regards to dividend tax.