The first customers are on Freetrade Plus

We will, as soon as we start adding Plus-exclusive stocks, we will be transparent as always about the list. Expect some exciting additions in the next few weeks.


The team is actively working on it, for both Basic and Plus.


Great work Freetrade! Couple things: The Plus graphic on the welcome screen introducing Plus is very pixelated (like it’s been blown up from a small icon). Lemonade is a 2020 IPO and not on the collection list.


The design of the invite page and the new color palette look gorgeous


It’s the same stocks and shares ISA you may already have, included.


Keep giving us feedback about anything you’d like to see in Plus. No guarantees we are able to implement it, but we’re listening and discussed the related thread in depth as well.

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Great work team :blush: my question is - can I pay for Plus annually rather than monthly? I prefer to have one clean payment rather than lots of monthly stuff rolling out of my accounts.


Thanks, added Lemonade into that Collection now! :lemon:

As for the slightly pixelated Plus banner, it’s not a native screen on the app which we fully control, unfortunately, but in fact, a carousel which we populate from Intercom.

Expect to see a lot more ‘Plus’ brand as we move closer to full launch!

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I was hoping for more something that could compete with portfolio trackers and other tools such as Simply Wall Street and sharesight, as right now freetrade plus is more expensive than quite a few tools and has to compete for that subscription fee.

Right now plus costs £119.88 a year and offers limit orders and stop losses as well as access to stocks placed behind a paywall.

This doesn’t seem like good value for me specifically and i cant see myself subscribing until new features are implemented, but as a starting step for premium features i think its a good base to build on. More and more interesting and risky stocks can be placed behind the freetrade paywall limiting risk for new investors and limit orders and stop losses can be good tools for these gamble investments.

Some ideas i can suggest for premium features would be advanced portfolio management, multiple mini portfolios (customizable organisational folders for stock types) with a graph attached to each for easy management of larger portfolios. Auto investing can then be built into this by allowing users to assign how much money gets split between these folders and the individual stock weights inside. Adding new stocks to a portfolio would then be a matter of assigning it a place within a mini portfolio and allowing it to grow on its own.

In conclusion Freetrade plus’s feature set isn’t for me right now but i like the idea and it certainly has a’lot of room to grow a powerful feature set in the future.


@smarmara - great question. Initially we’ll only be taking monthly payments, but we definitely intend to add the option of signing up for a year with one single payment.


Yeah I thought the paywalled stocks would be against the ethos of the brand but thinking about it it does make sense. The extra cost of adding and servicing smaller, less liquid stocks (and likely more customer support issues too) means someone has to pay for it. And as you mentioned its very much the opposite of the robinhood “fund your account and YOLO” approach.


Thanks for the feedback, we’ll definitely take it on board :+1:


I’m disappointed by the concept of keeping some stocks behind a paywall. Perhaps you could at least offer the option to pay £1/ trade for non plus members to access them? The rest seems fine (though not bothered about any of it myself). Will have to wait and see if I actually want any of the ‘plus only’ stocks.


To add another angle. What happens when you get plus only stocks and than stop paying for the subscription. Will you be able to only sell and not to increase your plus only holdings?


When we get more AIM stocks added which people ask for instead of Steve Madden and Kodak (not sure why you’d invest in those) then I might consider the £9.99 fee.
I can’t see myself buying into a paywall of stocks while good suggestions aren’t added in nearly half as much time.

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Like idea of a cost-per-trade for non-plus members. Nice extra revenue earner for FT as well (and you could upsell the upgrade to Plus in the share screen too)


The interesting thing about Plus is you can add some very cool and advanced features for not only portfolio management but investing as a whole as presumably Plus membership is aimed more towards people with more knowledge over investments and investing.

Cost-per-trade of paywall stocks sounds interesting for none members but muddys the “Free” brand that Freetrade promotes itself on. There are definitely a lot of good ideas here though.


I don’t think paywalling stocks is a good move. I can understand all other features like stoploss orders but to block investors from certain stocks is quite annoying. I do hope that this is more about AIM stocks rather than access to other non-US/UK markets. some clarity on that would be nice.


First of all congrats to the team on getting this ready - as an investor I’m really impressed with how Freetrade has operated over the last few months; getting out new features, quick customer service and no loss of service.

I have a few thoughts on Plus -

The expanded stock universe is an interesting and good option but really this shouldn’t be limited to a Plus membership. You are competing with T212 and need to continually enlarge stock universe on all platforms.

Also competitors already offer limit orders and stop-loss on their free products so I’m not sure the value for money is there.

If you could package this monthly cost with insurance or interest on cash balances it would look more attractive.

Also you should consider a weekly free share lottery for plus members.

Also if you could have a tiered Plus option and a higher cost version that has integrated market intelligence e.g. Morningstar that would be really attractive.


maybe offer a discount for paying annually in advance? seems pretty standard with subscription offers.