The first customers are on Freetrade Plus

One can just not pay and keep the free version so it is not as if everyone will be forced into it.


I quite like your first suggestion of charging a percentage based on portfolio worth - it would be good to see a cap of £10 if that approach was adopted.

I see no reason to cap it at 10GBP. Here is what HL charges:

On the first £250,000 |0.45%|
On the value between £250,000 - £1m |0.25%|
On the value between £1m - £2m |0.1%|
On the value over £2m |No charge|

Do we know that largest portfolio on Freetrade?

We are talking about the paid version here.The FT paid version in it’s current form is not comparable to even free/cheaper products in the market. The FT free version will be even less appealing and that’s not even in the competition.


If the caps not lower than existing platforms there remains little reason to use the less mature platform - agree it doesn’t have to be £10, I just put that as Ft have obviously decided thats a reasonable price point already.

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The thing is, the majority of Freetrade customers do not frequent this forum.

Back in June, there was apparently only about 7k on the forum (How should Freetrade boost the growth of this community?), so as we’ve surpassed 200k customers, us folk on here only represent a tiny percentage of Freetrade customers.

Freetrade has the tricky task of balancing the needs of the vast silent majority who might be happy with paying £9.99 for Plus (or not, as the case might be)


To me it seems there isn’t enough there yet for most people to pay £10 per month.

IMO it would be better to start it off cheaper and increase the price when more features are there. maybe give a discount for the the first year or something

I think it will definitely be worth it in future if we get access to stock markets that no other UK broker has


So, erm… not worth it really, unless… unless included free spotrate, so i used to live in US… marriage sour, long story, so had to return to UK… looking at trading 212 and freetrade at moment… been some positives said about freetrade on you tube…
But with conversion, not taking much, think was 1 cent on 15 shares on a $50 stock i pretended i would have bought… might not seem much, but when quick scalping and with transaction fee starts to add up like…
So yeah if for the $9.99 this spot rate is removed also… might be as i would look to scalp trade few times a day every day, be more than worth it then… and might be more than willing to pay a flat rate fee for this like… unlike trading 212… saying i can not scalp and saying this of their CFD… which they apparently making their money from, which I’m not really in favour of like… Anyway appareciate a reply, thanks… GBU…

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Yeah i thought a 4.99 or 5.99 would been way way more attractive, getting the 3 pounds isa thing, but then just a snippet more with so many benefits and or a 3 months at 4.99 then up to 9.99 is very clever ploy often used by lot of, you know, companies, out there…

How do you scalp if pricing is not live?

That is literally the vision.

I’m quite annoyed I don’t have straightforward access to the likes of Tencent.


Good point not joined yet, but i have tradingview… so i assume it buys it live… not sure freetrades set up… Erm…
For instance, some times might get differing prices on one platform cause showing a delay, like on tradingview i realized cause not subscribed to LSE exchange, about $2 a month for exchanges that when had barclays or UK stock open, was 15 minute delayed…

Surely erm… has to show some kind of real price… not joined or tried this yet, all i will do is watch tradingview, then buy and sell based on that… just need a platform to do it on like…

  • The Freetrade universe is public. Everyone can take it and use it as they wish, e.g. to compare it to that of other stockbrokers, and identify investments only Freetrade has or those that maybe we should add and request them.
  • We started from a list of 600 investments and we provide you with over 1,600 now. That’s good going for a short amount of time, and we’ll continue. We prioritise stocks based on market cap, community requests and search queries, but again, the vision is to have every stock from every exchange.

like o Realty income hope in there, i liked trading kre I won’t bother any more with ltc (These US stocks btw) erm… what else xlf and main like erm etf’s be cool… not checked things out yet maybe already do some of them…
Like i said think scraping the spot rate 0.45% might then be worth if i traded a lot, going for the plus and no delays, so i can scalp if i want… I don’t do stop losses, trade, if goes wrong i hold, average down, collect dividends…
But if goes right and shoots up i take it, even if not much, 40 pence, all adds up if do few times a day…
Love to see as prefer a web-based easy buy and sell live version… like ally invest… I moved to USA in 2014, started investment trading in April 2015…
Anyway back in UK now and looking at trading 212 and yourselves… might join both more than likely…

I dont want to pay £9.99 when im already paying cheaper £3 for my ISA account.

Just keep the ISA then…



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End of thread.


So what is the point of the Stop and Limit orders then?

What is the point of having a £9.99 price then if people can stick to £3?

Nobody asks to pay anything yet so impossible to answer your question yet. It is currently beta tested by early investors to gather feedback. The point of different order types is to have a better understanding of the price you get after completing the order.