The Gym Group plc GYM

This fitness firm operates a UK-wide chain of over 100 no-frills gyms.

Still sliding down :chart_with_downwards_trend::chart_with_downwards_trend:

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24hr air con and lighting sound jolly expensive!

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wow yeah, would love to see their total energy bill :sob::sob:

Anyone looking at this? :eyes:

Not me, but
Share price on its year low. In fact it’s 5 year low.
No p/e ratio which implies not in profit.
No dividend payment over the last 5 years.
Click on financials “financial not available at the moment” on Hargreaves Lansdowne. So you will have to look elsewhere.
Has debt 68.5 million. Market cap £170 million

Click on latest news (10th November) Still expanding the number of gyms. Revenue rising substantially. Basically good news.
But share price on year low at 95p, year peak 286p.
Share price implies it’s in trouble the news implies the opposite. No dividend no p/e ratio implies growth is there aim.

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