The latest on the rollout

Is there any update from that post yet? :slight_smile:


Apologies think @anon2636484 meant to post this:


Great news! date in the diary!


super early users from our community and investors

How do you define the above?


These people will be a handful of forum leads, early investors and super active community members - basically people who’ll be happy to give us huge amounts of feedback.

We’ll move past this stage as soon as we’re confident we can onboard more though.


We’ll also look for diversity of devices, investor profiles, demographics etc


Exciting times, but do you have an idea when the Android rollout will begin? Even a rough time frame, such as 2018? And when Freetrade first launches, will ISAs be available?

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Hey - we’ll update more on Android soon. Right now our focus is shipping the MVP! However, we’re hankering to accelerate Android soon as we can - lots of our community and team use it.

Re ISAs, we won’t have them ready at launch but are working hard on them as a priority feature.


Finally we have a clear date o the rollout , I can almost smell the app now :smiley:
With all the market volatility lately im even considering liquidating my investments and sitting on the sidelines until Freetrade is ready to use.

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Surely those that are active at all at the moment should be entitled?

Either way hopefully not too long before we can test

Is it sad that I just Googled “used iphone” just to make sure I have something that can use the app (other than the better half’s iphone) in case the android version comes far after the ios release? Kind of defeats some of the benefits of free trading I know… But still.


Please be assured that everyone is equally entitled to get the access, there are no unfair priotitisations in place :slightly_smiling_face:

The only reason for non-immediate rollout is to make sure the systems are able to cope with the numbers with no failures. As long as it will be evident no issues are encountered, the queue will move much faster, and being a R3 investor certainly puts you in advantage!

@Wulfy, it is indeed frustrating to have that release lag, and Freetrade understand better than anyone that leaving 45% of the entire market is not good. I would have thought that once the rollout starts, there will be more clarity on Android release date, especially with a new Head of Engineering in place and quickly-expanding engineering team. Watch this space :wink:


Agreed Vlad, I’m sure there will be more updates when the team have managed to start on boarding the ios crew and I don’t really mind the delay tbh.

Speaking as an investor now I would much rather the application works, and has been put through its paces to make people stick around rather than what I’ve seen some companies do, and on board users to a poor app that means they lose that user for good.


You are absolutely right and this is exactly what @adam recently said - first impression of the app is the most paramount aspect of user experience. If there are delays, best if they are for that exact reason.


Have the investor boosts been applied to the queue in the app? I expected to go up (alpha for life) but I’ve gone down!

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In the latest email, they explained it a bit more and it’s not been applied yet.


Ta… which email? Maybe I missed it.

Would be best to DM Toby, he will be the best to advise

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Last email I got was 13th July, was there one after that?

It’s the email from Tue 31 Jul, 16:10

The important parts of the email were

You’ll probably see some movement in the queue in the next couple of weeks as we institute queue jumps…

Effectively, you don’t need to worry about the queue at all.

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