The latest on the rollout

We can’t give an exact date yet, but it is a high priority for us. We’ve done most of the hard work: we’re an approved ISA manager, and our backend has been setup for it. We really just have some user interface work and a small bit of engineering before it is ready to rollout to you.


Sounds good, thanks Rob!

For anyone that’s watching this thread - we shared the latest update on the rollout here, earlier today -

More details on the rollout

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Hey hey,

I’ve had a quick search but can’t find anything

Will we be able to set up a direct debit into our Freetrade accounts?

Topping up is via bank transfer. You could set up a recurring standing order as opposed to a direct debit mandate I imagine.


Great, that’s all I wanted :+1:


With the rollout now so close I have one question
As the app will be available in the UK what will be the situation if you are kind of back and forth in the UK?
For example im from Bulgaria but may go on a cruise ship for a year then come back then go back home for lets say another year and so on?
Would I be available to use the Freetrade app during that time and what is required to keep my account open?
Thank you for all your time


Quick one. I was approach about delivery of my merch some time ago but nothing yet. Is that the same with everyone? Can’t wait to rock my Freetrade socks…


Yo they’re pretty great. Just getting all the inventory delivered to us this week, so delivery will be within the next couple of weeks or so.


Good question! To open your account, you need:

need a proof of address document in the UK dated within the last 3 months, as well as a UK bank account to fund their account

Once it’s open, as long as you continue using that UK bank account to manage your funds, you’ll be able to carry on using your Freetrade account wherever you are :earth_africa: right now there’s no requirements like “you have to keep £x in your account” or “use it x many times a year” in order to keep it open.


Android user checking in, I’m going to buy an i-Phone (after tomorrows reveal) so I can test the app.
When will R3 investors get access (roughly)?
When will non UK members get access ?
How can I find my referral code ?



We don’t have a timescale for this yet I’m afraid, as it’ll depend how the testing goes so watch this space. Here’s the latest details on the plan for the rollout in the meantime.

The rollout has our full attention right now so we probably won’t have an update until it’s finished but as soon as we have more news, we’ll share it with the community.

Apologies for missing this question when I first replied.

When you tap the ‘bump me up’ button in the app (there’s just the one screen), that’ll open the sharing options for you, copy link from there & then you can send it on :zap:


Had a search but couldn’t find the answer.

Will the monthly fees for isa/alpha users be paid out of available funds in our freetrade account, or can they be paid directly from our bank account?



We’ll take the fees from the available funds in your Freetrade account at first. We’ll send you notifications in advance if you don’t have enough money in your account of course :raised_hands:

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Soon my friend


I mean come on! The SOCKS! Who would not get them? Like… HELLO! They look like that the minute you put them on it will give you the power to walk like a King. :smiley: :joy:


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September 18 roll-out



Quick update: We’ve started emailing the first super early testers to give them a heads-up. We’ve emailed the first set of super early testers that can get started on Tuesday. Their TestFlight invite codes will follow soon.

Very important: We are getting started with 10-20 people on 18th September, and scale from there. We’ll be able to tell you more about how fast we can progress once we have feedback from them.

:point_right: rollout plan