The latest on the rollout

(Viktor) #281

Quick update: We’ve started emailing the first super early testers to give them a heads-up. We’ve emailed the first set of super early testers that can get started on Tuesday. Their TestFlight invite codes will follow soon.

Very important: We are getting started with 10-20 people on 18th September, and scale from there. We’ll be able to tell you more about how fast we can progress once we have feedback from them.

:point_right: rollout plan


I’ve got £100 burning a hole waiting to get stuck into the app.

Very exciting times.


Do testers need to install the test flight app first?

(Viktor) #284

Yes! There is some guidance in the Google Doc included in the email.


Super exciting times

Hope you get lots of feedback which means you roll out more!

(Dave Smith) #286

I have an email asking me to be a very early tester, but there’s no point because I don’t have an Iphone, may as well let someone else have my place in the queue


I have an iPhone and have been waiting for this app for a long time. I’m looking to get on, and get investing, if there’s a way to get in to this early testing period sooner please let me know.

(Viktor) #288

Yes, that’s exactly the plan! :+1:

As a fellow Android user, thanks for your patience in the meantime.

(Eve) #289

Got the invite when I checked my inbox today. Exciting times! I can’t wait :heart_eyes:

(Chris) #290

I haven’t felt this good since Archie Gimmel scored against Holland in 1978!

(Dave Smith) #291

I don’t have an Android device either, my phone is just a phone :smiley:

I’m going to have to get something to run it on, Is there a minimum spec?

(Alex Sherwood) #292

As long as the phone can run iOS 10 so an iPhone 5 or better, you’re good :smile:

(Denislav) #293

Can I ask the wonderful Freetrade team about how they are planning to celebrate the launch of Freetrade? I personally plan on making myself a nice cup of tea. :joy: :tea:

(Alex Sherwood) #294

We’ve actually got one of our new engineers Tim visiting from Australia & we’ve not yet celebrated some of our new joiners joining :relaxed: or Viktor’s promotion to CMO.

So we’re combining them all with the launch & going out for a meal in the evening :tada:

A cup of tea would be lovely too though :smile:

(Vladislav Kozub) #295

He thought we’d believe him :smirk:

(Denislav) #296

I hope you would be wearing the freetrade socks because they are simply sexy looking.:ok_hand:

I know right :smiley:

(Alex Sherwood) #297

I didn’t invest enough to get socks :cry: but I’ll definitely have the t-shirt on :grin:


Don’t you get sock options? :socks:

(Big Boss) #299

wow :exploding_head:


Andre Mohamed terminated as a director?