The latest on the rollout

(Alex Sherwood) #321

Weeks hopefully :smiley: :us: :us: :us:

Freetrade is Out :fire: Share your first thoughts once you get access!


(Aris David) #323

Ladies and gents, let’s go to other investment forums like ADVFN, iii,, elitetrader, trade2win and social media platforms to promote FreeTrade.

Early investors, R1, R2, R3 and early users all together now as brand brand ambassadors :wink:


There’s no real timeframe given. Could you give us an estimate? Is it days, weeks or months until people who are 50,000+ in the list have access?

(Alex Sherwood) #325

I’m afraid I can’t give a more specific timescale yet because to be honest, we don’t know it ourselves - it just depends on how the testing goes - & we don’t want to disappoint anyone :sweat_smile: But we’ll share a timeframe with you as soon as we can be confident that it’s going to be accurate.


Not finding much in the way of updates on the Android app? The rollout accelerating is a bit bleh for half of the population because we’re not iPhone users.

(Alex Sherwood) #327

Sorry about that, we’re focused on the initial launch at the moment but once that’s finished, we’ll be able to share an update.

(Andy) #328

Saw that the first users have been onboard and expected to rise in the queue, except I’ve fallen a few places :man_facepalming:t4: I guess the word is spreading.

(Denislav) #329

I know the feeling. I have gone back 373 places from the time I went on the waiting list. However, the dream of knowing I will get access one day keeps me going. :joy: Also, I believe it was only 10 early tester allowed today.

(Richard) #330

I know how you feel, I was one of the R3 (I think) investors and I’m dropping faster than Bill Clinton’s trousers!!
I can’t be excited anymore until I actually get access :confused:

(Steve Sharrott) #331

On a positive note, let them iron out all the wrinkles before it’s our turn.:+1:


I feel your pain, I get an email saying I’ve been bumped up cos someone has used my referral and log in to find I’ve dropped another place!


Referring’s a bit of a zero-sum game isn’t it, you have refer more than the other people who are also referring. All part of Victor’s cunning plan.

And wait til he starts doing one free month of alpha for both referrer and referree.


Just need the ISA and I’ll be good to go!

(Denislav) #335

Just a quick question, are you planning to allow any more testers in today or are we sticking with what we have to see if the purchases will work this afternoon without any difficulties?

(Viktor) #336

Things are going well, so we’re planning to add about 30 more super early testers today. :raised_hands:

EDIT: Make that tomorrow. We’ve been busy with the constant high-quality feedback from our current super early testers. :pray:


Circa £20 profit today for Freetrade?

(Vik Paw) #338

I’m still waiting for that email.

(Tommy Lowe) #339

(Chris) #340