The latest on the rollout

(Denislav) #341

I love me some good graphs :ok_hand: :wink:

(Denislav) #342

Good morning! :ok_hand:

(Osman Faisal) #343

I’m 4,800 in the waiting for the app in when will it become available guys I can’t wiat to start using the app and I jumped from 45,600 to 4,800 on the que to use the app but recently i keep going down I’m on 4 959 currently is there a specific time it will be available

(Denislav) #344

Good morning.

You will be able to find out the more details about the process for adding people here. I would personally say that you should not worry if you are going down the waiting list even more. I have gone back at least 300/400 places. You will gain access with time. The way to look at it is that at least when we get access, any problems and bugs would have been fixed because the early testers have had the chance to report them :slight_smile: :freetrade:


Rolled out anymore people today?

(Louis Otto) #346

I just want to say, as a super early tester I’m so pleased that there are so few bugs! It really looks polished, works well, and only has one or two usability tweaks needed (all reported) :slight_smile:

(Kenny Grant) #347

Totally agree, this is a good first release and is ready to roll out to lots more testers IMO.

(Vik Paw) #348

^^ That.

(Alex Sherwood) #349

Not yet, we’ll update you on our plans for adding more users soon.


The dreaded ‘soon’ comment :kissing:

(Richard) #351

Yup!! I’ve actually just given up looking and waiting

(Viktor) #352

Fair point, we need to think about banning that word! :grimacing: I am guilty of having used it too often. :raised_hand:

As Alex says, we’re working on The Plan: It’s literally the cadence of when and how many users we’ll add.

We are discussing to designate the same day each week as the day when we add more users. We’d communicate the 1) number of users we add each week and 2) what group we’re adding (e.g. R2 investors) in advance.

It has taken a few days to discuss this cadence because as we add more users, we want to action their feedback as well as be able to provide outstanding customer support for them! So we had a lot to discuss.

So, Richard, please don’t give up on us quite yet! We’ll be able to share more information tomorrow, and I think you’ll like what you’ll hear. :blush:


Can you include any updates on the Android situation in that?

(Emma) #354

Customer support has been more than outstanding so far :+1:

(Chris) #355

A1 gif usage.


Ha - appreciate it’s a difficult one.

Acting on feedback is way more important at this stage :+1: best not to rush

I’m just being impatient! Super excited still :stuck_out_tongue:

(Viktor) #357

Not in that same update unfortunately, but we are working on establishing a timeline for Android, Mike.

(Georgi) #358

Why dont you just add all the members of the forum or atleast the active ones ?
None of us will have anything against the not completely finished app , everyone provides a ton of feedback and can only help you.
I personally dont see a better test audience then that.


I’m 51,000 in the waiting list. I don’t hold out hope that I’ll be added any time soon :rofl:

(Duncan Sanders) #360

About 2000 for me. Looking forward to it.