The latest on the rollout

(Richard) #361

I was 1867 yesterday, now 1885!!

(Alex Sherwood) #362

Yes you may be seeing that happen because users are still referring their friends & getting bumped up as a result. But we’ve also not yet removed the users who we’ve onboarded so far from the waiting list so you’re actually further ahead now than you were two weeks ago :muscle:

You’ll definitely start to see your position on the waitlist decreasing as we roll out to more & more people, in the not too distant future -

(Kenny Grant) #363

Looking forward to seeing this, I think it’d be really helpful for people waiting for access to have some sort of timeline.


There’s about 60,000 on the waiting list at this point. Will their come a point when you can start letting hundreds, or even thousands on per day? I’ve been on the forum checking for updates daily but I’m now starting to realise just how far away I am from actually using this app.

(Alex Sherwood) #365

We’re going to add another 100 users this week :smile: we’ll share more details later today :eyes:

(Tom) #366


(Emma) #368


(Ben #88) #369

Excited to get on board, whenever that may be. Currently have some money burning a hole in my pocket :joy:


Keeping my fingers crossed for the email :sweat:

(Richard) #371

Exactly how I feel

(Andreas) #372

I was planning to increase my position in EZJ with HL today but I guess I’ll wait until the end of the week just in case I’ll be one of the 100 lucky users :blush: Will be saving £10.95 of fees just from this trade! :money_mouth_face:


I stopped my regular payments into HL a few months ago and have been saving the money ready for Freetrade. I will not withdraw any money from HL however all new money is Freetrade bound. :weight_lifting_man:t4:‍♂️

(Richard) #374

So what information is this then, Victor?

(Alex Sherwood) #375

It’s all here :open_book:


I have just received an email to get early testing access even though my position is around 2700 in the queue, does that mean we are adding lots of users? Unfortunately I’m an android user but I have iPhone somewhere, if this email is send correctly then I’m going find my iPhone now, pls can you confirm

(Alex Sherwood) #377

That email was intended for you :tada:

But you were specifically chosen to be a super early tester, that doesn’t mean we’ve just rolled the app out to 2,700 people :sweat_smile:


Thanks @alex.s great news, I’m eligible for free alpha for life but I think it’s not available yet ? Still very happy about getting access. :smile:

(Viktor) #379

Just to add to the post Alex commented above, and to save you a click: we are adding around 100 users tomorrow morning.

Starting next week, we’ll add users every Tuesday. So, there will be cadence and predictability.

We’ll follow the plan, and we’ll be able to give clear updates (e.g. ‘we’ve finished super early testing’, ‘we are onboarding R2 investors’, etc). It will be a lot easier to follow where we stand in terms of our waitlist (currently 60,000).

(Alex Sherwood) #380

That’s right, not quite yet :+1: